Although Taste HQ NZ is a young company, it will hugely benefit from the advantage of partnering with sales and merchandising agency and third party warehouse and distribution. This translates into warehouse facilities, funding, systems, structure, staffing and almost 20 years of sales and business management experience that a new company would otherwise not have access to. This gives the company a huge leap forward and mostly minimizes the fact that it is a new company.

The market for the snacking industry has been growing exponentially throughout recent years in New Zealand. There is a void in the snacking industry in New Zealand for healthier alternatives when compared to traditional snacking. Foreseeing an increasing demand for these snacking products, Taste HQ NZ proposes to act as an exclusive Importer and Distributor for Pretzel Crisps in New Zealand. Being a versatile, very low to no fat (0-2g), lower calorie, zero cholesterol snack that offers unique international taste tantalizing flavours, it is an ideal product to help achieve the companies mission.

Taste HQ NZ intends for Pretzel Crisps to be one of a selected few product lines and initially the only product line. Further they intend to limit the flavour range to the top 4 flavours according to market research, which are in order of preference Buffalo Wing, Garlic Parmesan, Sesame and Original. This is just one part of the Focus strategy that will be employed by Taste HQ NZ.


Increase the selection of snacking products available to the market that provides healthy alternatives and international flavours through a passion for healthy balanced living, broadening customer horizons and utilizing our innovative business skills