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Review by: Black Box Member comments
Dated: 18 Jul 2018
Other things like about Pretzel Crisps
  • again a lovely through in your bag snack
  • Appearance
  • Child really liked them
  • crunch
  • Even liked the shape.
  • Everything. Omg was sooo good
  • Flat pretzel
  • flat, easy to dip
  • Flavor
  • Found the flavour very overpowering
  • Good beacuse they are not too salty
  • Good median between a chip and pretzel
  • Good that they were different to the usual
  • Good to get variety of flavours
  • Great product all around!
  • Great thin crunchie snack
  • great with dips
  • Healthier than crisps
  • I like pretzels
  • I like that they are thin
  • I liked how they were crisps instead of pretzels. They tasted better in that form than a pretzel
  • I liked the flat shape. Good for dipping.
  • I loved EVERYTHING about this priduct. Definitely going to be a regular on my shopping list!!!!!
  • I really like the taste and this snack is lower in carbs than chips etc
  • Kids loved them
  • Kids really enjoyed it.
  • Like the flatness of them nice for nice platters when wining and dining
  • Loved the salt and crunchiness
  • low fat and good flavour
  • My 6-year old daughter likes them, I don't like them at all
  • My husband loved them - and he's REALLY picky about snack foods - that's all I need to buy them - for him - again!
  • My kids loved them, so we'll definitely buy again. Haven't seen them at our store though.
  • Origin
  • Price
  • Relatively healthy/low cal
  • relatively low fat content for a snack food but I got the original so it was a bit tasteless
  • Something different
  • That they were flat & you could put toppings on them
  • The fact they are baked and not fried. On the larger packs I have purchased previously I like the fact the bag is resealable.
  • The flavour was quite garlicky for me
  • the kids loved this product for all the above reasons.
  • The shape
  • The size of the pretzel
  • The thin ness of the pretzels, they kinda taste like snax
  • These were so tasty will be getting some in the next shop
  • They were different
  • Thinness
  • Took them to drinkies with dips at my neigbours. All enjoyed them, something different.
  • very easy to eat and delicious
  • Very pleasant taste.
  • Very yum!
  • Would love to try the other flavour

Review by: Leslie Whitehead
Dated: 05 Jan 2018
Good morning

We received the Buffalo Wings Pretzels and we loved the packaging it really drew you to the product and when we opened the packet the smell just made me go closer and have a look and the taste of them was awesome and very moreish you needed to go back and have more than one but soon the packet was empty.. We thought they would be a great alternative to corn crisps when we have nachos as they would bring the flavours in and would tasted delicious…

We received The Cocoa Rice Crisps and we loved it as it reminded of chocolate crackles without the sugar content and they were delicious that they didn’t last very long ..

Will definitely be tempted to buy these both again if I see them at the supermarket and would love to try the different flavours of both

Review by: Fay Bailey
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
Thanks for the chance to review. Apologies for the delayed review.
We received the Garlic Rice crisps which are really yummy, we found them a nice snack that’s a little different to other snacks on offer.
We got the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps – these were very salty for my taste and unfortunately they do not seem to sit well with my stomach. So these will not be on my shopping list.

Review by: Sharon Legge-Murray
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
I received the cocoa rice sticks and the buffalo wing pretzel.
At first taste I wasn’t sure about the rice sticks but after a few I decided I loved them. They are an easy treat to take to work or just to have handy at home to satisfy the sugar craving. Much better for you than other sweet treats.
The buffalo pretzels were quite spicy but great with a sourcream dip. I’ll be looking out for other flavours as they make a great alternative to chips and would be nice with hummus.

Review by: Kim Holden
Dated: 23 Dec 2017
I received the buffalo wing pretzel crisps and the garlic rice sticks, they were both very nice, very crispy and full of flavour, I had them as a snack by themselves and also tried them with some dip.
Really liked how both packets were resealable but the piece to rip off didn’t leave much left to grip to open.
Myself, my husband and 3 children all enjoyed them.
I would definitely buy both of these for a bbq gathering or just for a snack.

Review by: Tessa Cane
Dated: 22 Dec 2017
We received the Buffalo Wing flavour Pretzel Crisps and Garlic flavour rice sticks. Thank you for selecting me however I do need to be honest and these flavours weren’t to my liking unfortunately. I thought the Pretzels had a good crunchy texture but the flavour was very strong and salty. They seem to be marketed as an upmarket snack but have the flavour of a Shapes cracker which wasn’t very appealing. The smell of the rice sticks was a bit off putting but the flavour was a little better. The texture was light and crisp which was nice.

Review by: Felicity Smith
Dated: 22 Dec 2017
My second review is for the cocoa rice sticks having loved the buffalo wing pretzel crisps. These were fascinating from the moment I got the packet. The packet is very clever and stops the rice sticks being squished. The container is resealable which is helpful. Unfortunately you can’t get your hand into this so you need to pour them out into a container – which is fine. Also the holder is not able to be recycled which is a shame to me as it is quite large and feels a bit wasteful in the end as I used all in one sitting so I never used the ability to reseal the packet. The volume was really good and a bit more than I was expecting in the container from the outside. The labelling was good and clear and they are gluten free which is helpful too.

So the smell is quite cocoa-like rather than chocolate which is fine but makes the whole experience a bit dry for me. I found the coverage amazingly good but the dryness of that flavour was very apparent to me. The look was good – strong and dark and a great size for snacking. I didn’t enjoy the cocoa flavour but I think that is down to personal taste as it was clearly cocoa and not too bad according to others. I think I was expecting more of a chocolate effect. I also didn’t like that for me I think rice sticks are probably more of a savoury taste so there was a missing sweetness I was expecting.

In conclusion if you like cocoa then this might be for you but for me this was a product that was a disjointed taste that I will not buy again. I am keen to try the savoury flavours though and think the consistency was great. They definitely tasted healthy which might work for others as they were easy to not feel too full from.

Review by: Naomi
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Thank you so much for selecting me to trial these!

First up we trialled the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps. Unfortunately the flavour was not a winner for our family. The crackers themselves were excellent, I love the thinness and change in texture compared to a “normal” snacking pretzel.

Next we tried out the Turmeric Rice Sticks and once again they weren’t quite the right flavour for us… Turns out we’re a very plain family! My kids really enjoyed the texture though.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial these! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the plain flavours

Review by: Jessica Pratt
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
These were delicious. My husband and I sat down one evening when the kids had gone to bed and tucked into them. I LOVED the garlic rice chips. Nice and light and full of flavour (my husband didn’t but I think that’s because he’s not a big garlic fan). The buffalo wing pretzels on the other hand were to die for. Enough heat but not too much. We both put them on our lunches the next day and they were so yum!

Review by: Anna Sutton
Dated: 18 Dec 2017
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to trial these products.
I had the garlic rice sticks which were a nice change from chippies, great flavour and crunch I didn’t like the smell when I first opened the pack but once tried them I was pleasantly surprised. My 18mth old also loved them!
We took them to work and also had them at the end of the day. Great with a beer .
We also tried the buffalo pretzels but I wasn’t a fan too much flavour for my liking. Maybe if they were just salted.

Thanks again.

Review by: Sarah Blair
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I was so pleased to receive these products to try, I tried the Turmeric Rice Sticks and the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps.

The Turmeric Rice Sticks were tasty, and a little sweet, I enjoyed them, but they weren’t a flavour that I would pick as my favourite, I would like to try the other flavours! The texture was good and my 3 year old son loved them!! The packaging is easy to open and attractive. I loved the fact that I could snack on them without feeling guilty afterwards!

The Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps were really yummy! I enjoyed these a lot and will be looking out for them in store to purchase! They had a great flavour that I found to be very moreish and hard to put down! I would be very keen to try the other flavours as well. The texture was great with that satisfying crispness, I would wholeheartedly recommend these to other!

Review by: Charmaine Willis-Croft
Dated: 09 Dec 2017
Oh my! I was given the chance to review these products which was great as I am a huge snack fan, especially of the crunchy, salty kind. I love that they are healthier than potato chips and a bit different.

The Pretzel Crisps…. I tried Buffalo Wings and I honestly couldn’t get enough of them. They had the most amazing, vibrant flavour. A nice little bite and so, so much flavour! They were thin and crispy and a really nice change to regular pretzels. I ate them while having a few drinks, while watching a bit of tv and while reading a book at night (clearly I need to get out more). I can honestly say, I loved them, I’m a huge fan and will definitely be buying them when I see them on the shelves.

The other product I got to try was Garlic Rice Sticks. I really wanted to like them, they have an amazing texture, they are low in fat and sugar, which is a huge plus for me. But… the flavour was not for me. It was not to my taste at all. I think if I had another flavour, it would have been different.

In conclusion… Pretzel Crisps, yes! Loved everything about them, even the packaging was good. Shiny, appealing and good size. Will definitely buy them and can totally recommend them.

Rice Sticks. Great texture but didn’t like the flavour at all. I will try them again if they are at a good price as I’d love to try the other flavours.

Review by: Tammy Blake
Dated: 08 Dec 2017
Yum! I was lucky enough to receive the buffalo wing flavoured pretzel crisps and I absolutely loved them. The flavour was definitely bold as it states on the packet and even had a bit of a kick to it (which I love). The flat design was really appetising as it felt like you were eating chips and although I’ve eaten plain pretzels from the supermarket to the death these ones felt new and different. Will 100% buy again when I see them in the supermarket next.

I received the garlic flavoured rice sticks and they had a lot to live up to after the pretzel crisps. To be completely honest I would never normally try something like this, especially this flavour. I only opened the packet to give the review but actually I was pleasantly surpised! I’m sitting nibbling them now and I can’t really stop. There is almost a slight sweetness to the garlicky flavour that makes you go back for more. Being surprised how nice they are I would buy these again also as they would go down a treat on a platter with some cool summer beverages on the side. Big plus for me too that they brown rice and are air baked as opposed to fried. I feel like I can have a bigger serving size. Definitely keen to trial the other flavours too as the garlic was delicious and different.

Review by: Rochelle Cleary
Dated: 08 Dec 2017
Thanks for including us in the Taste HQ Trial. We received Buffalo Wing flavoured Pretzel Crisps and Cocoa Rice Sticks. As well as our family trying these products, I also sent my husband to work with some in his lunch to share with his truckie co-workers for some more feedback.
The Pretzel crisps were a great hit – they had just enough spice to not be overpowering for us and lots of flavour – the kids loved them as did the truckies. They will be great for summer snacks (but I can’t find them in our supermarket -yet). We will definately buy these and are keen to try any other flavours. The packaging is great – eye catching and the tear open top is easy to do (unlike some packaging with the same feature). I’m not sure there will ever be any left to use the resealable top but it’s a great option. Also the clear dietry info on the front of the packaging is great and my husband loves the reasonably low sugar content.
The rice sticks got an ‘Okay’ review. They were nice and crispy with loads of chocolate coating but lacked a flavour punch. They were very light so not overly satisfying as a snack but were low on sugar which was good. Again the packaging was easy open, but not so eye catching this time. I’m not sure we would purchase these but in saying that, I’d be keen to try other flavours first.

Review by: Stephanie Rutherford
Dated: 06 Dec 2017
Thank you for allowing us to trial these. We received the Buffalo Wing flavoured pretzel crisps. The packaging is nice and bright and I love the re-sealable pack. They stayed nice and fresh. Aside from them being quite spicy for us we enjoyed them. I made a natural yoghurt dip to help counteract the spicyness. I think these are a great alternative to chips and crackers. Perfect for bbqs, after school snack, lunchbox etc. Looking forward to trying the other flavours. We also tried the garlic flavoured rice sticks. The packaging is great with a re-sealable bag so contents stay fresh. We were not fussed on this flavour. I found it to be very sweet and couldn’t really taste the garlic. These are also great for the lunchbox, parties etc. While I wouldn’t buy this particular flavour again, I am keen to try the others that are available. I have already told friends about these products and would continue to buy if we enjoy the other flavours.

Review by: Jthorne
Dated: 05 Dec 2017
Thanks for the opportunity to review the Pretzel Crisps & Rice Sticks products. We tried the Hot & Spicy rice sticks and found them very tasty, a good level of heat! My husband and I ate them straight from the pack as a snack, but they would also be great as a lunchbox snack in another flavour for the kids.

We tried the Sesame flavour of the Pretzel Crisps and they were delicious. We had them with a cheeseboard and they were so yum with blue cheese and Havarti cheese on top. Great as a snack as well! Would definitely buy these again and will look out for them at the supermarket, very keen to try Buffalo Wing variant.

Review by: Vanessa Williams
Dated: 05 Dec 2017
Thanks thanks thanks for choosing me to review the Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps and Me:Real Rice Sticks..
I received my Pretzel Crisps Buffalo Wing flavour and Rice Sticks Cocoa, they were well packaged and on opening them they weren’t damaged ☺
I had had had to try the Buffalo first as I’m a HUGE fan of Buffalo Sauce flavour. Wow wow wow and wow, I was blown away by the Moorish taste and crunch. Now I have to tell you, in NOT NOT NOT a fan of Pretzels in any which way or form.. I was slightly hesitant at first and made Hubby try them first he was instantly impressed and went hand back into the packet straight away. Hmm yea these are bloody good he said. So I thought ok now your turn Ness… Wow ok yup these are petty darn good!!!!! I enjoyed that they were thinner and not too much seasoning on them.. we enjoyed quite a lot while sipping a nice cold beer, great combo of Beer and Buffalo Wing Pretzel. I’m converted and went to one of the Stockists that was on Taste HQ but unfortunately they didn’t stock them I will definitely be buying these yummy Snack Factory Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps (once I can find a local stockist)
I opened the Cocoa Rice Sticks, I think on there own they aren’t quite for me, so will try a few more when I make a coffee after I pick up my two Princess from school. I enjoyed them and love love love the fact that they are Low Sugar, Hot Air Baked and not Deep Fried!!!! My two girlies mitten enjoy them as a after school treat instead of sugary biscuits that I’m reluctant to give them all the time..
I will post some photos once I figure out how to post them. Once again thanks thanks thanks #TasteHQ I’m a fan of Pretzels and I never thoughts that would EVER happen

Review by: Jenna Bagley
Dated: 04 Dec 2017
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to review the buffalo pretzel crisps and cocoa rice sticks
We had our daughters birthday so decided to use them for the adults platter and were very popular
Many asked what the product was
I loved the cocoa rice sticks was perfect as a guilt free treat and so tasty
The buffalo crisps were well received by hubby (not my flavor profile)
I loved the crispness and thinness of the crisps
I think a different flavor it would be perfect for the kids also. I will be seeking out other flavours In My next shop

Review by: Felicity Smith
Dated: 04 Dec 2017
I loved the sound of the buffalo wing Pretzel Crisps and decided they would be a perfect nibble before a bbq. To be honest they looked so nice and I was just looking for an excuse for quick snack in the afternoon so I opened the bag (knowing they were resealable). The packaging was easy to open but I did notice the top ripped a bit and next time I would probably cut them with scissors if I knew I was not using the whole pack. There actually felt like a huge amount of crisps in the packet which was a welcome surprise after some disappointment in past with huge packets of snacks being half filled. The smell was fresh and not too synthetic. The look was great and I was very impressed by the coverage of the flavour, none of this “looking for the one with the flavour stuck to it”. They were all pretty much evenly flavoured. There had been a fair bit of breakup and destruction in my opinion and if I was to buy them again I would make sure I put them clearly with the fragile chips, bread and eggs bit of the groceries. i guess that is what happens when you don’t fill the pack with air. I loved the orange colouring of the packaging as it reflected well the strength and power than was packed into the crisps – not for the fainthearted was my conclusion. I didn’t have them at all with toppings as the packaging suggested as they seemed a bit small for that given the holes but I would definitely put a creamy dip on the side for those who don’t like a strong snack. These are not rice cracker light they are more like a strong cracker taste. I wonder if they would be improved by a good dose of ranch style creamy dip in future though. I will definitely be buying these again over christmas for a slightly different snack to appeal to a range of people.

Review by: fliss1 (Felicity)
Dated: 04 Dec 2017
I loved the sound of buffalo wing Pretzel Crisps as a nibble before a bbq. This was the reason I got a packet of these to snack with friends. To be honest they looked so nice and I was looking for a quick snack in the afternoon so I opened the bag (knowing they were resealable) to test them out in advance and I was not disappointed. The packaging was good to open but I did notice the top ripped a bit and next time I would probably cut them with scissors if I knew I was not using the whole pack. There actually felt like a huge amount of crisps in the packet which was a welcome surprise after some disappointment in past with huge packets of snacks being half filled. The smell was fresh and not too synthetic. The look was great for a casual dining set up and I will be getting them again.
I was very impressed by the coverage of the flavour, none of this "looking for the one with the flavour stuck to it". They were all pretty much evenly flavoured. There had been a fair bit of breakup and destruction in my opinion and if I was to buy them again I would make sure I put them clearly with the fragile chips, bread and eggs bit of the groceries. I guess that is what happens when you don't fill the pack with air. I loved the orange colouring of the packaging as it reflected well the strength and power than was packed into the crisps - not for the fainthearted was my conclusion. We didn't serve them at all with toppings as the packaging suggested as they seemed a bit small for that given the holes but I would definitely put a creamy dip on the side for those who don't like a strong snack. These are not rice cracker light they are more like a strong cracker taste.
After my husband and I had a test drive with a little bowl which I loved and he only took a few saying they were too salty and strong for him we took the rest to a shared bbq with friends in the evening. I was surprised how well they went down with the slightly older folk (60s-70s parents) who seemed to prefer them to chippies or nuts or rice snacks. They were not a hit as much with the kids but that is probably the texture being a bit more cracker than a chip. I would get them again for the novelty factor and that a couple of people said they tasted less oily and heavy than a lot of the chips etc. I wonder if they would be improved by a good dose of ranch style creamy dip in future though.
I will definitely be buying these again for Christmas for a slightly different snack but will keep the packet after serving so those with allergies can check them next time which was a mistake on my part.

Review by: Suzanne Dcruz
Dated: 03 Dec 2017
Hi, I received the cocoa rice sticks and the Buffalo pretzels.
My husband who is not a chocolate lover ate the whole bag of rice sticks in one go without me even sniffing it!!!. So rest assured the taste was awesome. I really likes the packaging too

Omgosh the Buffalo wings…haven’t tasted anything like it. It satisfies my spicy cravings .the flavor is a million times better than anything out there. I’m adding it to my gift hampers for Christmas. I did not like the orange color of the packaging and I think you need to highlight the fact of how thin they really are. Much better than any oily chip. Oh yes Also liked that they are not oily. My 3 year old demolished a bowl full and wanted more.

Review by: Pamela Walker
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
We had the pleasure of trying Rice Sticks Cocoa and Pretzel crisps Buffalo wings.
The buffalo wings were crisp, crunchy, had a sharp bite but found them a wee bit to salty. I can see them going down well with a dip
The cocoa rice sticks would go down well with the youngins but I found that the cocoa stuck to the roof of my mouth. The sweetness at the end was a real treat. Actually, I put the rice stick and buffalo wing together, yumo! It cut down the saltyness and roof sticking, try anything once.

Review by: Danielle McDermott
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
I received the buffalo wings pretzel crisps. I had these as a snack in between meals just on their own. I really liked the texture, they were nice and crispy and the flavour was not too spicy however I found them to be too salty. I didn’t really enjoy them. I would try the other flavours though as I think it might just be the flavour I received that I didn’t like.
I also received the cocoa rice sticks. The flavour of these were really nice, however I didn’t like the powdery coating on them. It left an aftertaste and made your mouth really dry. They go well with a cuppa but I wouldn’t eat them on their own.

Review by: Carole Shirley
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
I received the Buffalo Wing pretzels ,the packaging look great and love the resealable bag ,always a plus .

I had these as a snack after dinner ,I found them lovely and crisp ,the spicy flavour was not too over powering ,had a wee bite to it but what you would expect.,nice and crunchy too ,they were a hit with my husband too ,we both enjoyed them ,I think they are on a par with most snacks ,loved the fact 0 g saturated fat,but quite a lot of ingredients in them .not sure as healthy as I first thought ,however I would recommend these to friends and family .

I also received the cocoa rice sticks ,again great packaging ,however these did not look very appertosing to me ,I love most chocolate and chocolate coated products ,but these failed on all accounts ,I hated the after taste of a powdery substance ,they tasted very bland and more or less of pure Cocoa ,neither my husband or I enjoyed them and I’m sorry to say they ended up in the bin ,we also ate these as a snack after dinner ,I would not buy these or recommend them .

Review by: Ashley New
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
I received the turmeric rice sticks and the buffalo wing pretzel crisps. The pretzel crisps are so good, they have the right amount of kick after a while they start to taste a little bit salty. They are very easy to eat on the go with a baby and I would happily buy this product again and to try the other flavours. The rice sticks however I wasn’t much of a fan of. They tasted a bit dry and needed a hummus to go with it which made them taste a bit better, the flavouring of the rice sticks was quite nice. Overall I like how the products are lower in sugar and fat which is a bonus. Thankyou for letting me trial

Review by: Keryn Young
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
We were pretty excited when these arrived after school on Tuesday. We got to try the Original Pretzel Crisps & Turmeric Rice Sticks. And I’m sad to say it looks like we lucked out with the flavours we received ( the Buffalo Wing sounds amazing) Everyone like the Pretzel crisps but everyone likes pretzels which they where just squashed pretzels. So I might have to look out for one of the other flavours next time I’m shopping. The Rice sticks had a good texture and crunch but we all thought the Turmeric flavour was weird, 2 kids and 2 adults and no one really liked the flavour, again I would probably buy these but not in this flavour, the Garlic or hot and spicy sound a bit more appealing. Thanks again for letting us try these snacks, I am always looking for healthy snacks for our family to enjoy

Review by: Susan Maarschalk
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
I received the buffalo wing flavour pretzel crisps and these were delicious, I really liked the size of them and the amount of flavour was perfect, they are quite spicy if people aren’t used to it but I really liked them and would surely buy them again. I also got the garlic flavour rice sticks and these were also a hit, a nice flavour to them and crunch. Nice packet size too for snacking

Review by: Pene Hallett
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
I love pretzels but these Pretzels Crisps are totally different. They are thin and super tasty. We had guests staying over so shared with them and everyone loved them. We had the buffalo wings flavour and they were very tasty. Just the right amount of spice. If you like spice but not hot spice this is for you. We also had cocoa rice sticks as well. These are little rice sticks coated in Cocoa. They are a nice treat if you feel like something “naughty” but these are healthy. Highly recommend both, will definitely be buying the pretzel crisps again.

Review by: Steph Mason
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
I received these just before a friend arrived to hang out for the afternoon, perfect timing!

I got the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps, and the Cocoa Rice Sticks. To be honest, I wasn’t hopeful. Buffalo Wing sounded far too spicy (it has a flame on the packet!) and cocoa sounded bitter. But, they surprised me!

The Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps had all of the flavour promised with very little heat (thank goodness, I do not do well with heat, and I hate missing out on the flavour). They come with serving suggestions on the back, but have enough flavour, that they are perfect on their own, and a little addictive. A nice change to potato chips, which seems to dominate the snack market here (product is of course made in the U.S.A).

The Cocoa Rice Sticks reminded me of the tins of wafer sticks commonly out around Christmas time, but a little less sickly sweet. They also appear to be a lot healthier than those, or a chocolate biscuit.

Overall, we would love to buy these again, and will be on the lookout for them at the supermarket at a hopefully reasonable price. Love that we got to try a new range of snacks, I feel like NZ needs some alternatives to the small range we have always had.

Review by: Becks Hunt
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
Thank you, I received my package yesterday. I received the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps and Garlic Rice Sticks. Firstly I love that you can reseal the pack, this makes taking these out on a picnic or just having them in the cupboard to snack on helpful. The packets also stand upright, so no falling over and making crumbs.
I opened the Pretzel Crisps first as the flavour appealed to me. Wow, these are amazing, I love the spicy aftertaste and I know these would be great dipped in a dip or salsa. I am looking forward to trying the other flavours when I find them in the supermarket.

This morning I tried the Rice Sticks in Garlic. I actually found these too sweet, the aftertaste of garlic is nice though. I would be prepared to try these in another flavour as I do like that it is a rice stick snack. I do like the clear packaging though, it looks inviting.

Pretzel Crisps were a clear winner for me though and they will be on my Christmas/Summer grocery list.

Review by: Megan1
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
My parcel arrived today and I waited for my two teenage sons to be present. The younger one had already tried Pretzel chips – Buffalo Wings and is a huge fan. We got the Garlic Parmesan which got a big thumbs up as well although my son would always and forever select Buffalo Wing first. The packaging is very nice easy to open and all too easy to dispose of as the two boys kept eating. I would most definitely buy these I have not seen them that many places though only Nosh previously. We also got the rice sticks hot n spicy these were good, some stronger than others but liked them milder personally. They to would be very easily eaten and good entertaining options. It was fun getting this parcel and you now have three more converts to Pretzel chips and we have a good knowledge of the Rice stick option which we were not previously aware of. Thanks for chance to try.

Review by: Claire Boyce
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
Thank you for placing me on this feedback trial/sample. I received the Pretzel Chips – Buffalo Wings; they’re fantastic! Wicked flavour and a nice crunch to them too. Really light but pack a punch.
The other product I received was the Rice Sticks – Cocoa; I like the texture of the stick but the flavouring/coating was really drying in my mouth and left a film afterwards in my mouth so Im not keen on the sticks but the pretzel chips are amazing.

Review by: Judy Thomas
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
The Garlic Rice Sticks we received where absolutely delicious.They were light, crunchy and had a light garlic flavour. Although we ate them straight from the bag ( the teens fought over them !) we also decided that we would buy some to use as crunchy croutons in salads too. I think anyone from school kids to adults would like these in their lunch boxes.
We also received Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps and WOW! I love spicy chips but these take snacks to the next level. It’s like eating spicy potato chips and pretzels at the same time. I love them plain but they would be delicious with guacamole or used instead of corn chips in nachos.
We will definitely be looking out for these in the supermarket and eating a lot more of both of them at BBQs and picnics over Summer and beyond!

Review by: Sarika Willcocks
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I was searching the pantry for a quick snack, when luckily I received a box of goodies to trial! I received the buffalo wings pretzel chips and the cocoa rice sticks.
I loved both of them, the pretzel chips had a good amount of flavour on them and had a nice tang to them.
The cocoa rice sticks were like adult cocoa puffs! Something healthy for when I felt like something chocolaty.

Both packs were eye catching and easy to use, I love resealable bags

Haven’t seen these at the supermarket but will be keeping an eye out for them!

Review by: Sarah Whaikawa
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
Super stoked to get home to a TasteHQ delivery this afternoon! Feelin quiet peckish I gave both the Garlic Rice Sticks and Buffalo Wings Pretzels a taste! Holey Moley those pretzels are bursting with massive spicy flavor! I love them, they will go well on the platters over summer! Maybe a little spicy for the kids but I am keen to try the other flavours in the range!
The rice crackers are different! In a good way! I think the kids will like these in the lunchboxes! A little bit sweet but a nice roasted garlic flavor too.
Thanks guys for sending me these crackers to try! Yum!

Review by: Rochelle Vickers
Dated: 31 Oct 2017
Oooh, I’ve recently just re-discovered pretzels as a great snack and wholesome lunchbox filler. Pretzel Crisps sound like a yummy twist on the traditional version. The flavours sound amazing, especially Buffalo Wings! Rice Sticks also sound like a welcome jazzed up version of the boring rice cracker flavours we have become accustomed to. Would love to give these Snack Factory and Me:Real products a go in our house to wake up our taste buds!

Review by: devilprincess (Lauren)
Dated: 13 Jul 2015
I was pretty excited when I saw I had gotten a packet of these Buffalo Wing flavoured Pretzel Crisps for review. I'm a big fan of junk food and really enjoy trying new things and these Pretzel Crisps looked like just the kind of thing I would love.
The packet is well designed with a resealable top so you don't have to eat them all in one sitting, although that is hard to avoid with how moreish they are.
I decided that the best use for these would be in a cheese platter at a family gathering with some other crackers, pesto, hummus, salami and some cheese. First I tried one on it's own without any toppings and thought it had a good flavour, it tasted just like a pretzel but with a chicken type of flavouring added. Next I decided to try it with some hummus. Because the pretzel is very solid it didn't break in the hummus dip which is awesome, I hate it when my chips break apart in hummus or dip and then you have to try and fish out the broken bits but with these pretzel crisp I didn't have this issue.
I also tried this with some cheese and salami, although it tasted really good, I found that when I tried to take a bite I had to squish the cheese down in order to break through the pretzel because it's so solid but next time I think I'll just break the pretzel in two first and eat it with cheese that way.
The rest of the family also really enjoyed these and they were the first item to go from the platter but luckily the packet is a good size and there were plenty more to add. My daughter had barely finished her first crisp before grabbing another and my son didn't even wait until the first was finished, he just grabbed a handful and walked off so I think it's safe to say that they were a winner here!

Review by: nerdalert1101 (Gordon)
Dated: 08 Jul 2015
To be honest, this is actually a flavour of pretzel crisps that I don't like. The crisps had quite a spicy, and sort of smokey flavour, it was was the smokeyness that I liked the least. I'm not sure exactly what it was about the smokeyness that I didn't like, but whatever it was, it just had a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste that did affect things. However, these issues weren't big, while they weren't my favourite, these crisps were still a nice snack, I just prefer the Garlic and Parmesan ones more.
Like with most of the snack stuff I get to review, I ate these crisps before I did anything with them, so it is apparent to me that these are good for those who just like to have a ready supply of snack foods, I know that when I go to the movies, I can't resist having something to snack on while I'm there, so these would be perfect for that. One thing I hate about the normal potato crisps is they are just sooo greasy, and that grease just gets all ver my hands and mouth, not to mention they make me feel all bloated and lethargic.
These crisps, however, don't do that, they feel more natural, and are thus more appealing to me. While these crisps weren't the best, I did still enjoy these, and would like to have them again, so I would still give it my full rating and recommendation, it just isn't my first preference, that's all.

Review by: shellcruise (Shelley)
Dated: 04 Jul 2015
Sitting down to watch a movie decided to make a night of it and include a mid-time snack. After having a nice cheese pasta earlier in the night and sipping on some Nectarine Juice I thought a bit of spice would add nicely to the night and these seemed like they would be perfect. Considering there is only 2% fat per serving it made me feel that little bit healthy and that I wasn't really being naughty. Also with my cholesterol levels a bit high this is perfect as it doesn't add to my levels.
The bag is so easy to open. I love any company that has the fore-thought to make the bags resealable. Not everyone can eat a whole bag and there is nothing worst then hunting for a rubber band to tie the bag with. It closes just as easy as it opens. I expected a smell to hit me as soon as I opened it and was a tad surprised that even when I took a whiff there was no real scent.
They are great snack size and although we ate them straight from the bag I could envisige adding a nice dip to them and as they are level and not bumpy you could also add toppings to them. A little really does go a long way and we both hardly touched them. Not because we were not enjoying them but because they are so filling and they were just perfect to fill that little gap. I liked after eating a couple you felt your lips tingle and you could taste the coating. Although not as stronger taste as I would like they were still very pleasant.
I do think the price is a little excesive, but I am keen to trial the other flavours. Would definitely consider purchasing if they were on sale. In saying that these really would be perfect for when you have house guests and you don't want to serve the cheap chips. definitely has the potential to be made into something great with a little time and forethought thinking a nice humus with cheese.

Review by: kymmage (Kym)
Dated: 19 Jun 2015
We fell for Pretzel Crisps while I was at the Great New Zealand Food Show recently. We bought a couple of different packets of them. Then when the chance to review other flavours came up, I jumped at the chance. My husband and his friends really enjoyed the chipolte flavoured ones I got. So I figured another spicy flavour would probably go down a treat.
When I first opened the buffalo wings flavour, I was just trying it out on the kids. I opened the packet very easily (and I love the resealable quality of the bag!). I handed half a pretzel crisp to each child thinking they would be quite hot. Both of my children loved the taste of these and begged for more. So I tried it, wondering if maybe they got one with less spice on it. The heat on these is nowhere near as spicy hot as the chipolte ones. They are pleasant chicken flavoured and were a huge hit with both kids and myself.
I wasn't sure what the boys would make of them given the reduced spice-factor. So I put a bowl out a few days later on game night. The pretzel crisps were still beautifully crunchy. The bowl was empty in seconds. They all got a good handful and were talking about how great they tasted before they even swallowed one. My husband was completely sold and asked how many bags I had bought of that flavour. Imagine his disappointment when he concluded that I hadn't bought any of these. He would have liked a few more bags in the cupboard to crack into later.
We enjoyed the remaining pretzel crisps with some cream cheese and some sweet chili sauce. That's our favourite party snack, usually with rice crackers. But the pretzel crisps are great for using like crackers. My daughter says they are like pretzels that have been flatten to pancake cracker shape. I think she has hit the nail on the head and they are a winner here!