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Review by: Black Box Member comments
Dated: 18 Jul 2018
Other things like about Pretzel Crisps
  • again a lovely through in your bag snack
  • Appearance
  • Child really liked them
  • crunch
  • Even liked the shape.
  • Everything. Omg was sooo good
  • Flat pretzel
  • flat, easy to dip
  • Flavor
  • Found the flavour very overpowering
  • Good beacuse they are not too salty
  • Good median between a chip and pretzel
  • Good that they were different to the usual
  • Good to get variety of flavours
  • Great product all around!
  • Great thin crunchie snack
  • great with dips
  • Healthier than crisps
  • I like pretzels
  • I like that they are thin
  • I liked how they were crisps instead of pretzels. They tasted better in that form than a pretzel
  • I liked the flat shape. Good for dipping.
  • I loved EVERYTHING about this priduct. Definitely going to be a regular on my shopping list!!!!!
  • I really like the taste and this snack is lower in carbs than chips etc
  • Kids loved them
  • Kids really enjoyed it.
  • Like the flatness of them nice for nice platters when wining and dining
  • Loved the salt and crunchiness
  • low fat and good flavour
  • My 6-year old daughter likes them, I don't like them at all
  • My husband loved them - and he's REALLY picky about snack foods - that's all I need to buy them - for him - again!
  • My kids loved them, so we'll definitely buy again. Haven't seen them at our store though.
  • Origin
  • Price
  • Relatively healthy/low cal
  • relatively low fat content for a snack food but I got the original so it was a bit tasteless
  • Something different
  • That they were flat & you could put toppings on them
  • The fact they are baked and not fried. On the larger packs I have purchased previously I like the fact the bag is resealable.
  • The flavour was quite garlicky for me
  • the kids loved this product for all the above reasons.
  • The shape
  • The size of the pretzel
  • The thin ness of the pretzels, they kinda taste like snax
  • These were so tasty will be getting some in the next shop
  • They were different
  • Thinness
  • Took them to drinkies with dips at my neigbours. All enjoyed them, something different.
  • very easy to eat and delicious
  • Very pleasant taste.
  • Very yum!
  • Would love to try the other flavour

Review by: Sheree Collins
Dated: 25 Jan 2018
Firstly I would like to also apologize for the EXTREMELY late reply about the pretzel crisps and rice sticks. I was very lucky to be selected for this trial and was looking forward to tasting these however my review has been delayed due to the fact that I was temporarily locked out of my account and unable to add my review so I guess my first comment should be to the wonderful staff at Herworld/Kidspot for working through all my issues and allowing me to gain entry into my account again.

Now... On to the reviews...

I was sent the Turmeric Rice Sticks and the Garlic and Parmesan Pretzel Crisps.

Firstly the rice sticks, I was intrigued about both of these as although I had had a couple of the turmeric lattes following one of the latest crazes I would not say that it is a flavour combination that I would call a go to however, I tried it somewhat apprehensively and found that they were quite enjoyable. I did not find the turmeric flavoring to be so over-powering that you could not tell that you were having a rice stick, I liked the packaging and also liked the way they re-sealed. I took them as a snack for work a couple of times and found them to be very enjoyable. I then served the last of them as a snack pre-dinner for my family, this came with mixed reviews and my dad did not like them at all stating they tasted like sawdust chips. So perhaps not a flavour for everyone. I did like the way they were still fresh in the package a few days after initially opening them.

Now to the Pretzel Crisps - I liked the idea of these and the flavor Garlic and Parmesan was delicious however I was somewhat confused on the concept - I mean to me pretzels are rounded and fuller in shape and these (probably to get the crisp) were squashed flat so I was still unsure how to have these as it didn't feel quite right to have them like a pretzel/chip which I tried first of all. Next I tried them with a hummus dip which tasted great so I probably would think of them more as a weird shaped cracker.

So to sum up - I really enjoyed the Rice Sticks a lot and could take or leave the pretzel crisps. I would be interested in trying some more of the flavours. Thanks again Her World!

Review by: Marta Andrew
Dated: 03 Jan 2018
I’m really sorry about submitting this review so late but thankful for having been chosen to try and review these snacks.

I received the Pretzel Crisps in Garlic Parmesan flavour and the Rice Sticks in Hot & Spicy.
The Pretzel Crisps have been a hit with our family overall. However, I must admit they are a little too salty for me to eat more than a handful at a time. Even my other half who is not partial to good old salty crisps found these slightly too much so. I also find they break up too easily in the package to be taken out and about or, indeed , to be used as base for canapes,etc. Because of the saltiness I find they are not good with dips as the salt overpowers whatever flavour dip you are using.
Overall I must admit that , although they are nice enough to east as an occasional treat, I will not be buying them again. In NZ we have so many healthy crisp and cracker options that buying something US- made is hardly necessary.

The Rice Sticks I was quite excited about too. Unfortunately, I got sent the most unpalatable flavour (Hot & Spicy) for my taste and so these are getting a big ‘no’ from me. I’m sure the other flavours must be pretty yummy but,sadly, this one just didn’t work for me or anyone else in our household.

Review by: crank
Dated: 22 Dec 2017
I received the turmeric rice sticks and the garlic parmesan pretzel crisps. The rice sticks have a great, easy to eat texture which I found easy to nibble on – the turmeric flavour is just right without being overpowering. The pretzel crisps were not at all what I expected. They are so much lighter and crispier than pretzels which makes them a great snack. My husband and I devoured the packet during a midnight snack! Both of them would go great with a dip or hummus, especially the pretzel crisps.

Review by: Helga Young
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Was very excited to receive the Original Pretzel Crisps and Tumeric Rice Sticks to trial. The Pretzel Crisps caught my eye straight away .. fabulous packaging and very colourful, the crisps are delicious .. we are addicted and have purchased more since sampling .. our fave is the Garlic Parmesan.. the best thing is the crunch factor .. it’s very easy to eat a whole packet while watching tv.. very satisfying indeed. The Tumeric rice sticks were also very tasty .. my kids enjoy them in their school lunch box.. something a bit different from the usual chips and you get a sense of feeling that they are eating healthy too .. both samples were very well received in this household thank you

Review by: mumofthree
Dated: 19 Dec 2017
Well I had such a great surprise when I received my wee box in the mail!! Thanks alot it is AWESOME to be chosen… and I LOVE the rules… no children allowed…only for ME!! wow that is so cool. Although actually keeping anything from them is IMPOSSIBLE, So here goes. I opened up the Pretzel crisps, I got the garlic parmesan ones, and oh man, I love them. I was rushing out the door on one of the hetic last days of school bus run and was late so I ripped open these as I didnt have time for anything else and was going to come home again, I grabbed a handful of them and thought why not. They had heaps of flavour and were so yummy, not the best breakfast but who cares they are so morish! could have finished the whole packet. Nice and light and thin, very chip like but not. and very tasty. Loved the flavour. Great for adults a bit salty for the kids (yes after school I gave them a taste each) and they loved them too. No hesitation there but probably wouldnt let them have too much, because of the salt. So overall a BIG Hit, very yummy, they are going on the shopping list for the camping trip! Will review the rice sticks when I open them. Am a bit shy to as I go Hot and Spicy!! Thanks heaps for the opportunity.

Review by: mel chang
Dated: 18 Dec 2017
So I have received the original pretzel chips!! Love the resealable packaging and it taste great!! I like how it is flat so feel like Im eating chips but knowing its much healthier than normal chips! Will definitely buy them again!! Have also bought the Garlic Parmesan from supermarket and loved them also! Didnt even need the resealable package as it was finished within 30min!! ( I have reviewed the rice sticks in previous comment)

Review by: Liz McKay
Dated: 18 Dec 2017
Wev tried the Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Chips and they were delicious and a big hot with my two teenagers. We also imagined them dipped in Chocolate yum. They were better than the usual pretzels that we have had as they are much thinner and just easier to munch on. These would make a great snack for any lunchbox. My only concern would be the amount of salt but that is what makes them so tasty. Loved the flavour and very moorish. Would prefer these over chips any day as did the teenagers.
We also tried the Rice Sticks Tumeric Flavour. On first look my teenagers were a bit apprehensive about thembut after trialling them my daughter loved the taste and how healthy they were in terms of fat and not so high in sodium. these are made from brown rice and are tasty as long as you like tumeric which we do. In fact tumeric is very good for you especially when paired with black pepper so maybe they could add plack pepper to the mix.
Both these snacks make a welcome addition to snack food world in terms of being healthier optionsn in comparison to other options around particularly over Christmas. My only concern is the Desiccant absorber package in the Rice Stick Tumeric package that could be dangerous to little children if you were to give the packet to them. Make sure you remove this as it is dangerous for children.

Review by: Gabriella Monaghan
Dated: 14 Dec 2017
I was lucky enough to try the Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps & Tumeric Rice Sticks. To be honest I am not a huge pretzel fan as I think they are a boring kind of snack but these Garlic and Parmesan flavoured pretzels were quite nice. They were thinner and crispier than normal pretzels and the flavouring made them quite delicious. They are not something that I could eat a lot of in one go but they have been great for snacking on. I tried them with salsa as well as a creamy capsicum dip and they both went nicely with the pretzel crisps. I also served them at a small gathering and they have been a hit with everyone who has tried them so far.

The turmeric rice sticks were a bit different and I personally wasn’t a fan of that particular flavour. They reminded me a bit like cheezles or twisties but without the cheesy flavour. My children like them though (4 & 10months) so I have been giving them a hand full to snack on at times as I know that turmeric is good for them. I would definitely try some of the other flavours if I saw them in store.

Review by: Jaqui Dyne
Dated: 12 Dec 2017
Yum, yum, Yum! Thankyou for the opportunity to review the lovely pretzel crisps and rice sticks, I was not disappointed!
I received garlic and parmesan pretzel crisps and literally ate the whole bag in a day…seriously! They were that good! A great bold flavour..slread evenly over each crisp. The crisps themselves were very crunchy which I loved with that authentic pretzel taste too. I loved that the bag was resealable (not that I needed to reseal it that day!) The only negative was that alot of the crisp had broken into smaller pieces, am not sure if this could be due to transit or the crispness of the crisp. 9/10 score. I would recommend these to friends and family and very likely buy again.
I received the cocoa flavoured rice sticks and although i did enjoy these I couldn’t quite get my head around a cocoa/chocolate flavoured rice snack. Their texture was great and I love that they are gluten free. Again a resealable bag is so handy…no more stale snacks! Score 6/10. I would be very keen to try these in savoury flavors
Thankyou again x

Review by: Sarah Curtis
Dated: 12 Dec 2017
I was excited to receive the garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps and Hot & Spicy Rice Sticks to try!

The Pretzel Crisps were the best product I have tasted like this in a long time! They had a good amount of flavouring, I loved that they were thin and crispy and they were so tasty that I didn’t need dip to go with them. I had these as an afternoon snack and kept a few at work to snack on during the day. I am keen to try the other flavours now as I think I’m hooked! I like the packaging, the colours are bold and it’s re-seal-able which is fantastic!

The Hot & Spicy rice sticks were slightly too hot for my taste buds and had a strange underlying flavour that wasn’t to my liking. They were ok, but not great.

Review by: Charky77
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I received the hot and spicy rice sticks and the garlic Parmesan pretzel crisps. The pretzel crisps were unlike anything I had had before. The taste was great, I loved the flavour. I loved that they were like the thickness of a cracker.
I ate them on their own and also with cheese and tomato. I liked them both ways.
The rice sticks I found were not really for me to be honest. The first bite they seemed flavourless. The flavour did come in more as I ate more. I think they might have been nicer with a dip like a chip. The flavour was not really to my liking.
I liked the look of the packaging. They looked modern and appealing.
I would definitely buy the pretzel crisps again. They would be a good alternative to crackers. I loved the texture and flavour of these.
The rice sticks I would not have again in this flavour. I liked the texture and idea of these, so I might try a different flavour to see if I liked it better. Thanks for the opportunity to try these. It is good to try something that gives me something different for a snack idea

Review by: Jodi Williams
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I received the original pretzel crisps and the turmeric rice sticks.
I loved the pretzel crisps and would love to try the other flavours especially the garlic Parmesan!
The rice sticks were nicer than i thought they would be probably wouldnt buy that particular flavour again but would like to try the garlic ones.
Both were a hit with the family and super easy for lunchboxes.
Would definately purchase these in the future – have not yet seen them in the supermarket.

Review by: Cecilia Siaosi
Dated: 04 Dec 2017
We received the Garlic Parmesan Pretzels and Tumeric flavoured rice sticks.

The garlic pretzels were full of flavour. So good that they were demolished within 10 minutes! The fact that they were thin made it a lot easier to chew than the normal pretzels and the packaging/size was good. Not too small or too big :). The tumeric rice sticks is definitely something I’ll buy for my child as a snack! Healthy and low in sugar. Great products that I’ll definitely recommend!

Review by: Tanya Sadlier
Dated: 03 Dec 2017
We were thrilled to receive the Garlic and Parmesan Pretzels along with the Turmeric Rice Sticks to review.

I found the pretzels were too salty on their own but with toppings like sliced tomato or cucumber, they were great. A lot were crushed at the bottom of the packet.

The Turmeric Rice Sticks were delicious and I would definitely consider buying these at the supermarket. The Turmeric taste was perfect and these would be ideal to serve with dips or on their own.

Review by: palindrome
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
Review 2 – this time of the Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps. Love the fresh green packing and again, the self standing bag and the reseal function. These crisps are also big enough at 204g to bring to a party. One slightly strange factor was that the nutritional info was stuck on over what was originally on the packaging.

REALLY loved the flavour – unlike the Turmeric rice sticks, I think these were salty enough (you can actually see the large salt flakes on the crisps) and they pack a punch. If you are a fan of salty, garlicky, Parmesan cheesy goodness, these are the perfect crisps. I ate these with my family and we all thought these were worth adding to our grocery list. Whilst they would probably taste nice with a dip, I don’t really think one is necessary? Though if you want to branch out, there are some creative suggestions on the packet (eg peach and gouda sandwich; pesto a presto chicken etc).

As to looks, many of the crisps were broken inside the bag, but that obviously did not affect the taste. Also, the ones that weren’t broken did resemble the picture on the packet and were quite attractive. Will definitely look out for these at the supermarket

Review by: Ashley Newson
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
I received the Pretzel Crisps with the flavour Garlic Parmesan and they were very tasty indeed. They worked really well with a cream cheese based dip for these beautiful summer evenings before a bbq. Really enjoyed the flavour and convienience of these.
I also received the Rice Sticks which I was very excited about as I am a chocolate lover and always looking for healthy alternatives. I did not enjoy the taste of the Rice Sticks, the flavour was not enjoyable at all. I would not recommend these.

Review by: Angelstar
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
I received Pretz crisps, garlic Parmesan flavour. I ate some plain but found a little salty. I then put tomato & Brie on them, which was nice. I also trialed Rice Sticks hot & spicy. I wouldn’t buy them as they are rather flavorless. Also be nice to trial NZ made products.

Review by: palindrome
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
I received the review products today – the garlic Parmesan pretzel crisps and the Turmeric rice sticks. So this is the first of two reviews I tried the Turmeric rice sticks first. I like the tidy, ‘crisp’ packaging, and the fact that the packet is self-standing. Can confirm that the resealing bag works well and like the clarity of the nutritional info and per serving calculations. I would observe that the size of the product (50g) means it is more of a snack for one. You couldn’t bring it to a BBQ at a mate’s place as it is a bit too small for that. However, the size means it works well as nibbles if you’re hosting others.

As to the taste – very moreish! I would prefer a little bit more salt, but then again maybe the lower salt content is a good thing since these are so good to snack on. Also, very different from the typical everyday flavours out there. The fact that they are “hot air baked” does not affect the taste, which is a plus – great taste without being oily and fried. The golden colour is also attractive (not anemic looking at all)!

In short these are a real treat

Review by: Caroline Faulkner
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
We received the hot and spicy rice sticks and the parmesan and garlic pretzel chips. The pretzel chips were a hot with everyone super flavoursome, nice and crunchy and a great alternative to regular chips or pretzels. I’ll definitely be trying the other flavours when I see them in shops. The rice sticks were not as popular. When I first tried them I thought they were quite nice and a great texture but I’m not a spicy fan and the after taste has quite a kick to it. I’d be interested to try another flavour but won’t get this flavour again. Hopefully the cocoa ones will be a hot as they sound delicious.

Review by: Megan1
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
My parcel arrived today and I waited for my two teenage sons to be present. The younger one had already tried Pretzel chips – Buffalo Wings and is a huge fan. We got the Garlic Parmesan which got a big thumbs up as well although my son would always and forever select Buffalo Wing first. The packaging is very nice easy to open and all too easy to dispose of as the two boys kept eating. I would most definitely buy these I have not seen them that many places though only Nosh previously. We also got the rice sticks hot n spicy these were good, some stronger than others but liked them milder personally. They to would be very easily eaten and good entertaining options. It was fun getting this parcel and you now have three more converts to Pretzel chips and we have a good knowledge of the Rice stick option which we were not previously aware of. Thanks for chance to try.

Review by: Belinda Whitehead
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I received the ‘Snack Factory’ Pretzel Crisps – Garlic Parmesan today and we opened them up before dinner as a snack with 6 of us trying these.

We found the Pretzels crunchy, tasty and full of flavour. I put out an original hummus which was delicious rather than eating these on their own. I also put out a onion dip, but it didn’t taste as good as the hummus. There is very little sugar and no fat in these pretzels which makes a healthy snack on their own. Most of the family still prefers corn chips, but these would be a close second.

The packet looks modern, upmarket and is a great photo of the pretzels on the front. Easy to open packet with a easy zip lock top to keep in the freshness.

The ‘me real’ Rice Sticks – Hot & Spicy had a reasonable flavour which the boys’ found the taste just right, but some sticks were hotter than the others. There was quite a hot after-taste with some of the spicy sticks. We found them to be very crunchy, fresh, but had no substance to the rice sticks.

I tried these with original hummus which was OK, and tried the onion dip which took away the hot after-taste, but we all preferred these on their own. There is little fat in these and mainly brown rice so quite a healthy snack and were hot air baked which seems to be all the rage.

The packet is see through so you can see the sticks, but looking at the photo on the front of the packet it looks like the sticks are bigger than they really are. The zip lock bag is terrific as they keep them fresh if not eaten all at once.

I would recommend the Pretzel Crisps – Garlic Parmesan to my friends and family, but the Rice Sticks Hot & Spicy I wouldn’t buy or recommend to others as we found them to have no substance. The Pretzel’s are great for picnics, snacks and party food which I would buy again.

Review by: JenJen
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I received the Garlic Parmesan pretzel crisps and the hot and spicy rice sticks

i really enjoyed the pretzel crisps, they had a great garlic/parmesan flavour that you could taste straight away after biting them there was the traditional pretzel flavour coming through i snacked on these while in the car waiting for school pickup, they are in a great easy to reseal package, i would buy these to snack on like i do crackers

the hot and spicy rice sticks i did not enjoy, i felt they did not have any flavour just a small amount of heat the package was easy to use, i would not buy these due to the lack of flavour

Review by: melissaandchloe (Melissa)
Dated: 24 Aug 2015
When I first saw these Pretzel Crisps at my local supermarket I kind of ohhhhed and ahhhhed over them for a while as I contemplated whether or not I should get them, this was mainly due to the relatively high price tag for a snack. In the end I eventually caved in and decided to purchase them in the Garlic Parmesan flavour, persuaded by the fact they looked like a healthy option to the good ol' potato chip.
As soon as I got back to the car I ripped the bag open and tasted them as is, they were really nice, full of flavour, so good in fact that I snacked on them the whole drive home. Unlike normal pretzels they weren't at all salty in taste and were well seasoned with the perfect amount of salt, garlic and cheese which seemed to be in a powder like form.
These certainly are easy to eat on there own without any toppings but they are also really good with a topping or two. They were really good dipped in kiwi onion dip and also in sour cream and chives dip. They were fantastic topped with cheese and chutney and also with gherkin there really is a lot of yummy combinations that would be worth a go.
Though slightly more expensive than other snacks on the market these definitely had the taste factor going for them, and I would definitely purchase again, though maybe a different flavour next time, if your after a healthy, satisfying snack these are the way to go.

Review by: corrinas (Corrina)
Dated: 11 Jul 2015
I'm always keen to taste new snacks and those of the healthier variety are always a bonus. Finding snacks which are a little fancy and can be pulled out when visitors arrive or taken when visiting is always a bonus as well. When I saw the pretzel crisps up for review straight away I knew that wanted to try out the garlic and parmesan flavour.
As soon as they arrived I opened up and tasted them straight out of the bag, they were very tasty it was hard to stop at just one or two of them. While a lot of crisp snacks are really salty these had the perfect amount of salt, garlic and cheese flavour. I did find there was a number of broken crisps in the packet but I just made these the ones I ate by themselves.
When I had people round later that night I decided it was a perfect time to try them out with some dip and different toppings. I made some with a little cream cheese and salmon on them, others with a cream cheese and onion marmalade and some with salsa to dip them in to. The crisps worked with all the different topping and were a real hit by everyone. I really recommend them to anyone who wants something different to try and a tasty snack they can eat as it is or dress up if you want.

Review by: alexmoulton (Alex)
Dated: 24 Jun 2015
Put your hands up if you like garlic and cheese. Those of you with your hands down, stop lying! Garlic is one of those flavours that works in almost any form with almost any food. The same goes with cheese. It would be very difficult to make a bad product flavoured with garlic and cheese. So it's no surprise that this product is great.
I cooked myself some schnitzel, and had strips with cheese on my crisps. Once I ran out of sliced cheese, I just had meat on the crisps. Once I ran out of meat I just ate the crisps. Unlike the sesame variety, the garlic parmesan pretzel crisps are incredibly tasty on their own.
As is kind of expected with the fragility of crackers and crisps, a lot of the pretzel crisps in the bag were broken. Probably about 70% were complete in shape, so the other 30% were pretty useless for holding toppings, but it made them very easy to just scoff as is. The garlic parmesan is a rather strong flavour, so if you weren't looking it would be hard to distinguish any 'pretzel' flavour, but I still like them nonetheless.
The packaging is a good size, great for parties, or for multiple servings if you're feeling lazy and want some convenient food with little to no preparation needed. Definitely will be on the shopping list next time I'm planning on entertaining guests.

Review by: nerdalert1101 (Gordon)
Dated: 14 Jun 2015
When I first saw these crisps, I was unsure of which flavour I wanted to try first, but these ones seemed appealing enough, and they did taste really good. I don't have pretzels on a regular basis, so having these new pretzel crisps was a nice treat. I am really impressed with the whole concept of these crisps, I love the pretzel flavour, but I also enjoy the light, puffy texture of crisps, so these form a pleasant compromise.
The flavour itself was the best part, I think that the tangy flavour of the garlic works well with the pungent flavour of the Parmesan. The only downside is that this made the crisps too damn addicting! I went through the whole bag pretty fast, so this is something which would go great in the pantries of any ravenous snackers. I didn't end up putting anything on the crisps, they were just fine as they were, they would make great movie snacks as well.
If I were to get my hands on another bag, which is likely considering I know of at least one place where they are sold, then I may start experimenting, like putting tomatoes, cheese, heck, maybe even some Marmite, on them and just see what else can be made of them. The only thing is though, while the picture on the bag shows a serving suggestion with these crisps smothered in what looks like mayonnaise, such sauces may not work as these crisps, of course, have holes in them, which does limit things a little.
For a bag of these crisps, I think that the price is well chosen, there were quite a few of these things in the bag, so the portion size was great for someone like me, and also the price matches the value of the crisps in this quantity. Personally, I think they are a bit more expensive than a bag of Doritos, but with 0g Tans and Saturated Fat and 0mg of Cholesterol, they are somewhat healthier. With all these aspects brought into consideration: price, flavour, usefulness, healthiness, and portion; I think that these crisps are highly recommendable to anyone out there, so keep your eyes out for these.

Review by: ktcat (Kate)
Dated: 08 Jun 2015
I do enjoy the taste of pretzels, as do the rest of my family. I find that they are a good alternative to potato chips or crackers as a snack. The Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps lift the bar somewhat on the standard pretzels that we would generally eat. In fact, they are the first alternative I have found to the usual supermarket ones, so it was exciting to see what they offered my tastebuds. The packaging give the sense of quality. I like the simple colour scheme on the pack and the image of the pretzels on the front makes me want to try them.
Although I love snacks, I am always on the lookout for options which are better for me and my family. I see that these are very low in fat and therefore a better options for us than other snack options such as potato chips. The salt levels are quite high and as a result, I would still consider them a treat rather than something we have too often.
We found that they were more satisfying and more interesting that chips or crackers. They would be for more discerning taste buds than potato chips. I didn't feel the need to over eat as I would often do if I opened a bag of potato chips.
The pretzel crisps are nice and crispy and keep well with the zip lock seal closed up. I only kept them for a few days as the family ate them reasonably fast, but they did maintain the quality of those days. There is a nice layer of flavouring covering each pretzel, however it isn't over the top.
We tried the pretzels with some brie and gherkin and some others with feta cheese and sundries tomatoes. Both options tasted really good. I can't say that I could really taste the flavour from the pretzels, but I did find that they provided a great mouth-sized snack and a really nice crunchy base layer to the snack.
I found that the bag was easy to open, with the tear type of opening at the top. This left the zip lock seal available so that I could reseal the pack when I had had a serving. The photo on the front is a similar size to the real product inside (a little bigger but a good indication of sizing).