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Review by: Black Box Member comments
Dated: 18 Jul 2018
Other things like about Pretzel Crisps
  • again a lovely through in your bag snack
  • Appearance
  • Child really liked them
  • crunch
  • Even liked the shape.
  • Everything. Omg was sooo good
  • Flat pretzel
  • flat, easy to dip
  • Flavor
  • Found the flavour very overpowering
  • Good beacuse they are not too salty
  • Good median between a chip and pretzel
  • Good that they were different to the usual
  • Good to get variety of flavours
  • Great product all around!
  • Great thin crunchie snack
  • great with dips
  • Healthier than crisps
  • I like pretzels
  • I like that they are thin
  • I liked how they were crisps instead of pretzels. They tasted better in that form than a pretzel
  • I liked the flat shape. Good for dipping.
  • I loved EVERYTHING about this priduct. Definitely going to be a regular on my shopping list!!!!!
  • I really like the taste and this snack is lower in carbs than chips etc
  • Kids loved them
  • Kids really enjoyed it.
  • Like the flatness of them nice for nice platters when wining and dining
  • Loved the salt and crunchiness
  • low fat and good flavour
  • My 6-year old daughter likes them, I don't like them at all
  • My husband loved them - and he's REALLY picky about snack foods - that's all I need to buy them - for him - again!
  • My kids loved them, so we'll definitely buy again. Haven't seen them at our store though.
  • Origin
  • Price
  • Relatively healthy/low cal
  • relatively low fat content for a snack food but I got the original so it was a bit tasteless
  • Something different
  • That they were flat & you could put toppings on them
  • The fact they are baked and not fried. On the larger packs I have purchased previously I like the fact the bag is resealable.
  • The flavour was quite garlicky for me
  • the kids loved this product for all the above reasons.
  • The shape
  • The size of the pretzel
  • The thin ness of the pretzels, they kinda taste like snax
  • These were so tasty will be getting some in the next shop
  • They were different
  • Thinness
  • Took them to drinkies with dips at my neigbours. All enjoyed them, something different.
  • very easy to eat and delicious
  • Very pleasant taste.
  • Very yum!
  • Would love to try the other flavour

Review by: Rhian Morris
Dated: 13 Jan 2018
Oops! I'm incredibly late with my review! I received the Original Pretzel Crisps and the Hot & Spicy Rice sticks. Both were great but I definitely preferred the Pretzel sticks. Being a new mum at home with a breastfed baby, I found these to be a great easy snack to grab & keep me going between meals.

Review by: Donna Fryer
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
I was lucky enough to be able to try Pretzels Crisps , original flavour and Turmeric flavoured Rice sticks. I don’t really eat pretzels but these were great , flat like a cracker we had them with dip and cheese and handy size for the lunch box. I didn’t think the rice sticks would taste very nice, but man these were fantastic just on their own for snacks. I’m definitely going to be buying these great alternative to chip’s.

Review by: Mary McCorkell
Dated: 01 Jan 2018
We received the Pretzel Crisps – Original and the Rice Sticks – Tumeric.

Personally I wasn’t overly keen on the Pretzel Crisps – maybe because they were plain. But the Grandkids absolutely loved them!

They ate the whole packet (with a little help from Dad), with various dips we already had in the fridge.
They are nice and thin and easy to dip. Despite being thin, they don’t break easily so proved to be perfect for dipping.
I would not buy them for myself but I will be buying them for when the Grandkids are here.

The Tumeric Rice Sticks – well! I can’t even find the words too describe how good they were!
The taste was just right – and so was the calorie count. The texture was great.

The size of the pack was also just right, especially if going to the beach, or for a long drive in the car.
I may try the other flavours, but this flavour was so amazing I think I’ll stick to it.
These will definitely be added to my weekly shop!

Review by: Teresa Bury
Dated: 29 Dec 2017
We received the original pretzel crisps and the tumeric flavoured rice sticks. Both were a hit in our household. We put the pretzel crisps out on xmas day as a starter and everyone loved the flavour and texture. I liked the fact they are thinner than normal. The rice sticks were eaten as an everyday snack when we felt like them and we all enjoyed these too. The tumeric flavour was just right and it was nice to have something different to snack on. We all enjoyed the fact they are healthier than normal too. You can have a snack and not feel so guilty!!

Review by: Mary Edgecombe
Dated: 27 Dec 2017
We received the Pretzel Crisps Original and the Rice Sticks Tumeric..
The Pretzels were amazing – delicious without being too salty and super thin and crispy. I loved how the shape of them meant you could use them as cracker and load toppings onto them. We used some at our very 1st bbq of the season as a starter and the rest of the pack disappeared into the kids bedroom as a midnight snack. Great to see them enjoying a healthy snack and choosing these over the regular potato chips that were in the cupboard. We have since bought several packets in several different flavours and all have been a great hit in our house.
The Tumeric Rice sticks were an acquired taste. They weren’t really a bit hit in my household. Just a very strange flavour but they were greatly .improved by adding a dollop of sour cream, I’m thinking it was just the flavour we didn’t like as the texture and shape and idea are fabulous and when I find these at the supermarket I will give another flavour a try just to give a fair review.

Review by: Stepanka Sabrsulova
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
We have trialed the garlic flavour rice sticks. After opening the packet, l wasn’t that impressed with the smell coming out of it but after tasting I was pleasantly surprised, they are crispy, tasty and crunchy. The packet has a good design. Both my little ones, one year old and four year old, love these too.
We had the original flavour of pretzels. My favourite. I really loved these, so did the rest of my family. And again, the packaging is great and functional. Will buy again. Thank you.

Review by: Helga Young
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Was very excited to receive the Original Pretzel Crisps and Tumeric Rice Sticks to trial. The Pretzel Crisps caught my eye straight away .. fabulous packaging and very colourful, the crisps are delicious .. we are addicted and have purchased more since sampling .. our fave is the Garlic Parmesan.. the best thing is the crunch factor .. it’s very easy to eat a whole packet while watching tv.. very satisfying indeed. The Tumeric rice sticks were also very tasty .. my kids enjoy them in their school lunch box.. something a bit different from the usual chips and you get a sense of feeling that they are eating healthy too .. both samples were very well received in this household thank you

Review by: mel chang
Dated: 18 Dec 2017
So I have received the original pretzel chips!! Love the resealable packaging and it taste great!! I like how it is flat so feel like Im eating chips but knowing its much healthier than normal chips! Will definitely buy them again!! Have also bought the Garlic Parmesan from supermarket and loved them also! Didnt even need the resealable package as it was finished within 30min!! ( I have reviewed the rice sticks in previous comment)

Review by: Jasmine Gray
Dated: 15 Dec 2017
I was sent the ‘original’ pretzel crisps and the ‘tumeric’ rice sticks. It was a lovely surprize finding these in my letterbox

The products were shared between myself and my 2 sons – 9 and 6 years of age.

I found the texture and lightness of the rice sticks great, but struggled a bit with the tumeric flavour (which I have never been fond of). However, my sons devoured them and asked for more when the bag was finished! With all these positives, I will definately be seeking other flavours in the supermarkets and am really hoping to find the garlic ones soon!

In regards to the pretzel crisps! Yum! I have never been a big pretzel fan, despite buying them regularly for my eldest son. However the flavour and crispiness of these were a real treat! They also went really well dipped in humis and will definately be a regular on our grocery list!

Review by: Kathryn Wickins
Dated: 13 Dec 2017
I received the original Pretzel Crisps, I really liked this idea! I love pretzels and this flattened shape makes them much better for dipping and I think I actually prefer them to the usual shape pretzels. Original is always a good flavour, went pretty sweet with a beer! I’d really love to try some of the other flavours so i’ll buy some over Christmas, perfect to put out as snacks with people coming over or just for a night in.

I also got to try the garlic Rice sticks. I really liked the texture, light and crisp but I have to say I wasn’t overly keen on the flavour. it wasn’t too garlicy but it was quite sweet, just not for me. But I will buy the hot and spicy and cocoa flavours as I think i’d really like them in a different flavour.

thanks for the opportunity to try these products

Review by: Rochelle Vickers
Dated: 12 Dec 2017
I was lucky enough to receive the Original Pretzel Crisps and Garlic Rice Sticks to try out.

Loved the flatter, thinner shape of the pretzels. It makes them not so hard to bite on, and opens up plenty of possibilities for loading with toppings or dipping. I didn’t have any dip in the house when I opened these to try out, so improvised with some sour cream and pesto mixed together which was really delicious. I am really keen to try some different flavours in these too, as I’ve never tried any other flavours of pretzel than plain, and am intrigued what they would be like.

The rice sticks were surprisingly very sweet! The garlic flavour was quite mild. Although still nice, these snacks didn’t really sit far enough down the savoury end of the scale for me as I would have expected. The texture and the crunch of the rice sticks were good, I would be interested to try some of the other flavours to see how they compare to the garlic ones though.

I also really liked the stand-up, resealable bags that both products were packaged in. Makes me feel less inclined to need to polish off the whole lot in one sitting since I know they will stay fresh!! It also makes them convenient to take somewhere to eat on the go. But as others have said, with the Pretzel Crisps, there were a fair few broken ones in the packet – not ideal if using for dipping or with toppings.

Thanks for the opportunity to review, I would buy these again, but likely try some different flavours next time.

Review by: Claire MacGregor
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
We received the original pretzel crisps and garlic rice sticks. The pretzel crisps were a huge hit with both the adults and kids of the household. Crispy, light and not doughy like regular pretzels can be. Will definitely purchase these in future. The rice sticks I enjoyed but the kids and hubby were not fans. I thought the kids would enjoy as are big rice snack eaters, they didn’t enjoy the flavour or the texture. I would buy again perhaps in another flavour. Thank you for choosing us to trial them

Review by: Jodi Williams
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I received the original pretzel crisps and the turmeric rice sticks.
I loved the pretzel crisps and would love to try the other flavours especially the garlic Parmesan!
The rice sticks were nicer than i thought they would be probably wouldnt buy that particular flavour again but would like to try the garlic ones.
Both were a hit with the family and super easy for lunchboxes.
Would definately purchase these in the future – have not yet seen them in the supermarket.

Review by: Talia Meredih
Dated: 10 Dec 2017
In short – these are perfect as a go to, when you have no time to prepare something. You don’t need to worry about special dips and toppings to compliment them if you can’t or don’t want to.
We were given Turmeric Rice Sticks and Original flavoured Pretzel Crisps. I intended to use them with a platter of sides but in fact I didn’t get a chance to as my husband opened them with the kids and they all devoured them together. So I guess thats a good thing and shows they are a quick and easy snack and great option to take along to picnics, gatherings, get together’s. Thanks for the opportunity to trial, a big hit for us thanks.

Review by: Kim MacPherson
Dated: 03 Dec 2017
We have received the Garlic Rice Sticks and Original Pretzels. They were quite a hit with young and old at a recent barbeque we had. I thought the packaging of both was quite good. Liked the fact that you could see the rice sticks in the pack so you know what you’re getting.

Review by: mel chang
Dated: 03 Dec 2017
We have received the Turmeric Rice Sticks and Original Pretzels

AS soon as the Turemic sticks were open, they were gone within 5min. All my girlfriends asked me where I got them from and we all looked up the different flavours they have. Will definitely buy them again. Love them!! We ate the rice sticks by themselves and will try to have them with dips next time

Will post review soon again re Pretzels

Review by: Maria Boyd
Dated: 02 Dec 2017
I received the trial a few days ago and was excited to find out I was part of this trial. I had both of the samples as snacks. I also shared with some other Mums and my family.

I had the original Pretzel Crisps which were really good, in fact they were very mourish and I had to pry them out of my hands and share them around to stop myself from eating the whole bag. I love that they are flat so that you can put toppings on them if you wish. Its great the bag is resealable too.

The Brown Rice Sticks I had the garlic flavour which I didn’t like. I found them to be too sweet for a savoury snack and would have liked there to be perhaps less sugar and more salt. I shared these with some other mums who thought the same thing too. My two year old niece however loved them. She is gluten free and dairy free so it was nice for her to have something at my house which she enjoyed. Again the resealable bag is a winner with this too.

Review by: palindrome
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
Review 2 – this time of the Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps. Love the fresh green packing and again, the self standing bag and the reseal function. These crisps are also big enough at 204g to bring to a party. One slightly strange factor was that the nutritional info was stuck on over what was originally on the packaging.

REALLY loved the flavour – unlike the Turmeric rice sticks, I think these were salty enough (you can actually see the large salt flakes on the crisps) and they pack a punch. If you are a fan of salty, garlicky, Parmesan cheesy goodness, these are the perfect crisps. I ate these with my family and we all thought these were worth adding to our grocery list. Whilst they would probably taste nice with a dip, I don’t really think one is necessary? Though if you want to branch out, there are some creative suggestions on the packet (eg peach and gouda sandwich; pesto a presto chicken etc).

As to looks, many of the crisps were broken inside the bag, but that obviously did not affect the taste. Also, the ones that weren’t broken did resemble the picture on the packet and were quite attractive. Will definitely look out for these at the supermarket

Review by: Sheena Thompson
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
I received the original pretzel crisps and cocoa rice sticks.
The pretzel crisps were amazing, they are going to be a new item added to our shopping for sure. The give complete satisfaction of a potato chip yet you don’t feel like you have to eat the whole bag just a few is enough. They are a lot tastier than standard pretzels, not dry to eat at all and the crack as you bite them is amazing.
The rice sticks no one in our house really enjoyed. They had far too much cocoa on them, just like eating a mouthful of raw cocoa. The other flavours I am guessing would be nice as it was purely the overload of cocoa that let these down.
The resealable packs are brilliant on both items, They actually reseal properly and easily.

Review by: Keryn Young
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
We were pretty excited when these arrived after school on Tuesday. We got to try the Original Pretzel Crisps & Turmeric Rice Sticks. And I’m sad to say it looks like we lucked out with the flavours we received ( the Buffalo Wing sounds amazing) Everyone like the Pretzel crisps but everyone likes pretzels which they where just squashed pretzels. So I might have to look out for one of the other flavours next time I’m shopping. The Rice sticks had a good texture and crunch but we all thought the Turmeric flavour was weird, 2 kids and 2 adults and no one really liked the flavour, again I would probably buy these but not in this flavour, the Garlic or hot and spicy sound a bit more appealing. Thanks again for letting us try these snacks, I am always looking for healthy snacks for our family to enjoy

Review by: Rebeckah Ackroyd
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
These arrived 4 days after Alice entered the world on the 17th Nov. Talk about perfect timing!!! Courier arrived just as I was sitting down to give her a feed (learning the art of breastfeeding). Husband opened them up for me and lets just say the Bagel crisps did not last the day No I did not scoff all of them myself although a large chunk was me, he helped as well as our afternoon visitor (nana). Al of us loved these!! If we hadn’t devoured them so quickly I would have loved to have them with some nice dip like on the front of the packaging. I only sampled the Original flavour but would definitely be looking at purchasing some of the others. They were nice and light and very easy to snack on with my limited free hand .
The Rice sticks I enjoyed also but just found them a little too spicy for my taste (had the Hot and Spicy flavour). I think these would be better suited for a BBQ snack over summer when you can have them with a nice cold beverage (beer would be good). Husband trialed this for me and said that it was a perfect pairing. So good that I went to get the packet to take a photo this morning and apparently they have been long gone from the cupboard (must have been good).

I think what I like with these snacks is that they are a lighter option and are something that I can indulge in without feeling guilty like with a bag of chips as it will give me much more nourishment to help grow the little wonder that is finally asleep in her bassinet (for now……).

Review by: Renee Potter
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
I had a couple girlfriends over for dinner and a catch up last night and these arrived at the perfect time! I received the Original Pretzel Crisps and the Tumeric Rice Sticks and they went down a treat.

The girls and I devoured the Rice Sticks and I love that the taste wasn’t overpowering – it was just enough. I was surprised at how light these were as a snack and will definitely be picking some more up to pop in the cupboard and to take to work to help curb my afternoon snacking habit.

The pretzel crisps were my absolute fave and they’ve already made my shopping list – and a few of the girls too! These weren’t too salty and were absolutely delish with some hummus and avocado/garlic dip. I will definitely be picking a couple of bags up over the summer as we have quite a few BBQs planned as well as a road-trip up north so I think these will be the perfect thing to munch on.

I just looked at buying some more Pretzel Crisps off the Taste HQ website and they are a great price, but I’d love to be able to buy a box of a few different flavours for the 6 packs for $30 if that is something they look at offering.

All in all, would highly recommend to everyone!

Review by: Anneliese Montgomerie
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
We got a lovely surprise of the turmeric rice snacks and the original pretzels, and omg so so yummy. The thin crunchy pretzels are the best, and with a bit of cream cheese and pesto dip are so good. Will definately be getting some more for Christmas as this were demolished in 2 minutes. The rice sticks are great as they are so light and crunchy with an awesome taste.

Review by: Belinda Whitehead
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I received the ‘Snack Factory’ Pretzel Crisps – Garlic Parmesan today and we opened them up before dinner as a snack with 6 of us trying these.

We found the Pretzels crunchy, tasty and full of flavour. I put out an original hummus which was delicious rather than eating these on their own. I also put out a onion dip, but it didn’t taste as good as the hummus. There is very little sugar and no fat in these pretzels which makes a healthy snack on their own. Most of the family still prefers corn chips, but these would be a close second.

The packet looks modern, upmarket and is a great photo of the pretzels on the front. Easy to open packet with a easy zip lock top to keep in the freshness.

The ‘me real’ Rice Sticks – Hot & Spicy had a reasonable flavour which the boys’ found the taste just right, but some sticks were hotter than the others. There was quite a hot after-taste with some of the spicy sticks. We found them to be very crunchy, fresh, but had no substance to the rice sticks.

I tried these with original hummus which was OK, and tried the onion dip which took away the hot after-taste, but we all preferred these on their own. There is little fat in these and mainly brown rice so quite a healthy snack and were hot air baked which seems to be all the rage.

The packet is see through so you can see the sticks, but looking at the photo on the front of the packet it looks like the sticks are bigger than they really are. The zip lock bag is terrific as they keep them fresh if not eaten all at once.

I would recommend the Pretzel Crisps – Garlic Parmesan to my friends and family, but the Rice Sticks Hot & Spicy I wouldn’t buy or recommend to others as we found them to have no substance. The Pretzel’s are great for picnics, snacks and party food which I would buy again.

Review by: Katy Eastlake
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I was lucky enough to review the Pretzel Crisps in the flavour ‘Original’ and the Rice Sticks in the flavour ‘Turmeric’.
The courier arrived with these just as I was sitting down for nibbles with my mum, aunty and children – perfect timing really! I opened the box and we all got stuck in tasting them.
My one year old daughter couldn’t get enough of the Turmeric flavoured Rice Sticks so it is reassuring to know that they are Air Baked and low in sugar. With turmeric having medicinal properties too is a bonus. I will definitely be on the look out for these in my local supermarket, they will be a great alternative to chips in my children’s lunch boxes.
The pretzels were yummy too – they tasted just like standard pretzels with the same texture but were flatter – we didn’t get a chance to put toppings on them because we are them too quickly lol.

Thank you for the opportunity to try both of these products – both were winners in our house.