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Review by: Black Box Member comments
Dated: 18 Jul 2018
Other things like about Pretzel Crisps
  • again a lovely through in your bag snack
  • Appearance
  • Child really liked them
  • crunch
  • Even liked the shape.
  • Everything. Omg was sooo good
  • Flat pretzel
  • flat, easy to dip
  • Flavor
  • Found the flavour very overpowering
  • Good beacuse they are not too salty
  • Good median between a chip and pretzel
  • Good that they were different to the usual
  • Good to get variety of flavours
  • Great product all around!
  • Great thin crunchie snack
  • great with dips
  • Healthier than crisps
  • I like pretzels
  • I like that they are thin
  • I liked how they were crisps instead of pretzels. They tasted better in that form than a pretzel
  • I liked the flat shape. Good for dipping.
  • I loved EVERYTHING about this priduct. Definitely going to be a regular on my shopping list!!!!!
  • I really like the taste and this snack is lower in carbs than chips etc
  • Kids loved them
  • Kids really enjoyed it.
  • Like the flatness of them nice for nice platters when wining and dining
  • Loved the salt and crunchiness
  • low fat and good flavour
  • My 6-year old daughter likes them, I don't like them at all
  • My husband loved them - and he's REALLY picky about snack foods - that's all I need to buy them - for him - again!
  • My kids loved them, so we'll definitely buy again. Haven't seen them at our store though.
  • Origin
  • Price
  • Relatively healthy/low cal
  • relatively low fat content for a snack food but I got the original so it was a bit tasteless
  • Something different
  • That they were flat & you could put toppings on them
  • The fact they are baked and not fried. On the larger packs I have purchased previously I like the fact the bag is resealable.
  • The flavour was quite garlicky for me
  • the kids loved this product for all the above reasons.
  • The shape
  • The size of the pretzel
  • The thin ness of the pretzels, they kinda taste like snax
  • These were so tasty will be getting some in the next shop
  • They were different
  • Thinness
  • Took them to drinkies with dips at my neigbours. All enjoyed them, something different.
  • very easy to eat and delicious
  • Very pleasant taste.
  • Very yum!
  • Would love to try the other flavour

Review by: Pauline Robinson
Dated: 26 Jan 2018
I tried the Sesame Pretzel Crisps and everyone in our house loved them including my son who nearly devoured the entire packet! I had to rescue them and hide them in the pantry. I would definitely buy these again, they are really tasty and great for dipping. I'd have these over potato chips any day!
The next product we tried was the Hot and Spicy Rice Sticks. These weren't as packed with flavour as I would have expected from the name but still a really enjoyable snack.
The Pretzel crisps were a clear winner for us though and keen to try the other flavours.

Review by: Millie Thompson
Dated: 10 Jan 2018
Hi there, firstly I am so sorry for the extremely late review! I was fortunate to receive the Sesame Pretzels and Garlic Rice Sticks. I really enjoyed both of these products, especially the Garlic Rice Sticks. I found myself munching away on these and finished the packet without even realising! I have since purchased both items and they were great to have over the holidays with the various BBQ's that took place with family and friends. Would highly recommend! Thanks

Review by: Annabel Cassidy
Dated: 06 Jan 2018
Thank you for the opportunity to try and review these products and most sincere apologies for the late Review!
We received the Sesame Pretzel crisps and the Cocoa flavoured Rice Snacks both of which were a hit in our family.

Firstly the Cocoa Rice Snacks. I wasn't really too sure what to make of these at first as usually rice snacks are savoury, so upon first tasting was a little surprised, which then morphed into pleasantly surprised. These are not shy on flavour or crunch, sweet enough the kids thought they were getting a treat but not so much as to make it feel like an overly naughty snack. Packaging was great with the resealable top so the snacks stayed fresh.

Sesame bagel crisps were fantastic, light and crunchy with great flavour and not overly salty.
They were fantastic for lunch boxes for were the BEST for scooping dips. Amazing with Guacamole! They kept their freshness well in their packaging and it is a product I will most assuredly purchase as I'm keen to try the other flavours.

Thank you once again.

Review by: Ileana Hsu
Dated: 06 Jan 2018
Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the rice sticks which was a bit of a disappointment as I was really looking forward to a change. I received the cocoa flavoured ones and they didn't taste nice. The chocolate powder coating made it taste like chalk. The sticks were not crunchy as indicated on the packaging. They are not as dense as the rice snacks as you'd get in the Japanese supermarkets and that's what I was hoping for in this product. The cruch and fullness. While its packaging looks great as it's seethrough, I won't be purchasing this product. The sesame pretzel crisps on the other hand were tasty and crispy. It didn't come with the full flavour of a normal pretzel snack which was great beacuse that sometimes overpowers the flavour of anything you may have to go with it. The interesting shape that it comes in makes the crisps more appetisin when plattered with other food. I'll definitely be getting these on special ocassions. Thank you for the opportunity and apologies or the late post.

Review by: Rebecca Bowman
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
Thank you for the opportunity to be a trial taster. Apologies for the delayed review.

My review is on the Pretzel Crisps Sesame flavour and the Rice Sticks in Hot & Spicy.
The Pretzel Crisps were great and really mourish, our household enjoyed them very much. Albeit a number of the pretzels were broken. I will be buying this flavour for upcoming gatherings.

The Rice Sticks looked really appetising, and the product was full. We received Hot & Spicy, the description is correct, so was way too spicy for our children. I was expecting the rice sticks to be alot more tasty however the taste and texture weren’t a hit. I was expecting them to be more like the sticks in buja mixes whixh wasn’t the case. However i would be willing to try a different flavour.
Thank you

Review by: Jen Wiig
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
So I know this is all about us but I have to say these snacks were so good my very fussy 3 yr old couldn’t get enough of the sesame flavoured Pretzel Crisps. I will be honest and wasn’t that fussed on the Sesame ones but I did find the garlic ones in store at 4 Square so purchased those and really enjoyed them… They make a good on the go or between meals snack and are great to use for dipping rather than oily boring potato chips.
The Rice Snacks were incredible!!! I received the hot and spicy and they were full of flavour and so spicy the kids stayed right away… Yussss finally a snack just for mum that will be safe in the cupboard haha. I found the more I ate these the more I wanted them they are light so u don’t feel bloated from them and resealable bags…. Winning!!! The package sizes are great for the cost very reasonable and the packets wernt filled of air there was a decent amount of product inside. Both snacks are very versatile and wouldn’t hesitate to use on platter board for guests or as a nice snack while watching G a dvd at home on the couch.

Review by: Angela Wallace
Dated: 28 Dec 2017
We received the Sesame Pretzel Chips and they were amazing. It was literally a fight to get them.
They were great for snacks and for in lunch boxes.

We also received the Hot and Spicy Rice Sticks. A bit hot for our taste buds but friends of ours who visited thoroughly enjoyed them.

Review by: Jasmine Harris
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Thanks for choosing me to trial these products! We received the Sesame Pretzel and they taste amazing they are just like pretzels but much softer and lighter. Really liked them! I also received the Hot & Spicy Rice Sticks. They tasted amazing also and cannot fault the taste at all. The texture was a bit different, I think I’d prefer them more crunchier but otherwise they were great. Thanks again.

Review by: Jay Ford
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Thanks for choosing us to trial these products, we got sent the sesame pretzels and they were delicious I’m a big fan of sesame so loved them, I saved them up for our family Xmas last weekend and had to fend away the kids. We also got sent the hot and spicey rice sticks for me i wasn’t a fan I didn’t like the flavour it had a bit of a kick but I kinda found them a bit tasteless in the cracker part.

Review by: Amanda Joyce
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Thanks so much for selecting me to review these products, it was a lovely surprise receiving them!!
I was sent the Sesame flavour pretzel crisps and Garlic flavour rice sticks. Both were thoroughly enjoyed by both myself and my children.
I prefer the pretzel crisps to regular pretzels, and they are so versatile…can be eaten on their own, with dips or even toppings instead of crackers. The pack size is also great for sharing, plenty in there!! Have already purchased another bag of these from the supermarket the other day. Perfect accompaniment to the platters over the Xmas holidays.
The garlic rice sticks were quite nice and crunchy and I liked that they were quite healthy. The flavour was quite sweet and savoury which was a little unusual, would have enjoyed more if they weren’t quite so sweet, but I did enjoy them for something different. Good addition for lunchboxes also.
Thanks again for the opportunity to trial these products.

Review by: Karen Ferguson
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
We received the Pretzel Crisps Sesame and the Rice Sticks Cocoa. I was a big fan of both to be quite honest I love any kind of pretzel always have always will. They are lovely and thin and perfect for dipping or fancying up a nice platter of cheese and meats etc. have rebought since. The Cocoa rice sticks were a totally new experience. One I was pleasantly surprised with. I thoroughly enjoyed the cocoa flavour without sweetness. Who would have known Rice and cocoa is in fact a match made in heaven. Will rebuy in the future for sure. Very happy to have been chosen to trial these products and these particular flavours.
Two thumbs up from me

Review by: Zeri Ong
Dated: 15 Dec 2017
I finally had a chance to try and finish the snacks. I got the Spicy Kimchi Rice Sticks. It wasn’t what I expected, it wasn’t spicy nor did it have a kimchi taste. To be frank, it was a little disappointing. I’d probably not pick these up again. For the Pretzel Chips – I got the sesame flavour and it’s a good snack, crunchy and lightly seasoned. However, I was searching for more Sesame taste which wasn’t really showing up. The hubby ate most of them as it helps to suppress going for the salty chips. A good healthy alternative if you’re itching to grab some thing to munch on.

Review by: Nicole Lee
Dated: 13 Dec 2017
I received the Sesame Pretzel Crisps . Big thumbs from from me liked everything about them . What sets them apart from other pretzels is taste and that theyre flat making it easier to dip or add a topping . I will definitely be keeping a eye out for them when I next go shopping as they make the prefect snack .

I also go to try The Hot & Spicy Rice Snacks. Thumbs down there were 3 of us trying them we all agreed that the taste and texure wasnt right .

Thanks for the opportunity to try out these products

Review by: Anita Erceg
Dated: 12 Dec 2017
I was thrilled when the box arrived and i opened to find a full size bag of Pretzel Chips and Rice Sticks.

The products both come in very generous sizes, perfect for a family to share. I also liked the fact the bags are colour coded so very easy to remember which flavour to get when i purchase more.

The Pretzel Chips we received were sesame flavoured and had a great taste, a great crunch, and were quite filling. I can’t wait to see these in the supermarket and try the other flavours.

The Rice Sticks were quite a different texture to what i was expecting but in a very good way. They were really tasty, coming to us in garlic flavour.

I now know what i will be serving up as pre Christmas nibbles to my guests rather than the bog standard chips and dip. Love them!

Review by: Angela Pratt
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I received the Sesame Taste HQ Pretzel Chips, they were so moreish, we ate them by themselves & then I made an avocado dip and they were just even better. I even popped some into my son’s lunchbox (he thought they were delish too). I will definitely be buying these for over summer nibbles. We also got the Garlic Rice Sticks, these were a very strange taste, a bit too sweet I think for a savoury stick. They were nicer with the avocado dip. We liked the texture, so may try another flavour.

Review by: Nicki Warhurst
Dated: 06 Dec 2017
Thank you for selecting us to trial these fabulous products! We received the garlic rice sticks and the sesame pretzel crisps. I liked the packaging for both products, especially the face that they could be re-sealed. In a busy household this is so much easier than having to hunt for a container to seal food in. The first product we trialled were the garlic rice sticks. The unique, mouth-watering flavour was too much for Daddy to resist. When I got home from a Playcentre meeting the previously unopened packet was almost empty! However, he was kind enough to leave some for me to try. Mr 4 year old said they were nice (which is a big compliment from a 4 year old!). We all really enjoyed this product with Daddy remarking how he enjoyed that they were a light snack. I’ve been on a mission to lose the baby weight so was really pleased that these were a low fat alternative to many other calorie laden snacks. We would definitely purchase this product in the future. The second product we trialled were the Sesame Pretzel Crisps. We enjoyed these when Granny and Grandad visited and had them with drinks. Again, these felt a very light, yet tasty snack and a ‘guilt-free’ alternative to many other snacks. Both my boys enjoyed these (my 2 year old has just polished off a bowl of these as a mid-afternoon snack). These were a big hit in our house. I felt both products were extremely versatile as they could be kept in my nappy bag as a snack, used in kindy lunchboxes or served with drinks at a barbecue. I will definitely be looking out for these products at the supermarket and be recommending them to my family and friends.They will be especially good over the Christmas period to balance out all the tasty treats on offer at that time of year. Thanks again, for the opportunity to trial them.

Review by: Jthorne
Dated: 05 Dec 2017
Thanks for the opportunity to review the Pretzel Crisps & Rice Sticks products. We tried the Hot & Spicy rice sticks and found them very tasty, a good level of heat! My husband and I ate them straight from the pack as a snack, but they would also be great as a lunchbox snack in another flavour for the kids.

We tried the Sesame flavour of the Pretzel Crisps and they were delicious. We had them with a cheeseboard and they were so yum with blue cheese and Havarti cheese on top. Great as a snack as well! Would definitely buy these again and will look out for them at the supermarket, very keen to try Buffalo Wing variant.

Review by: Kimberlee Puketapu
Dated: 05 Dec 2017
Thank you for letting me try these 2 tasty snacks! I got the sesame pretzels and they are so yum! I love the added sesame flavour, gives it an extra layer of flavour. We had these at a family bbq with dips and hummus and just on their own, they went down very well. I also got the hot and spicy rice sticks; I absolutely love these! They seemed like a snack that would stick to your teeth and roof of the mouth, but i was presently surprised! The flavour was great, not too hot and spicy which was great, after taste was really good, highly recommend both of these products, can’t wait to try the other flavours!

Review by: Wendy Filip
Dated: 04 Dec 2017
I was lucky enough to recieve the sesame pretzel crisps which were delicious. I opened them for my afternoon tea and soon had a couple of helpers. I loved the flavour, the crispness and the fact they are much lighter than other pretzel snacks. The packaging to me indicates a snack more for adults than kids and would be more than happy to take as a share pack to picnics or BBQ’s.

The brown rice snack I took to work for morning tea, had packaging that Alison had a healthy appeal and because they are so light they seem more guilt free! However, the garlic flavour was much too sweet and not very appealing. I would be interested in trying other flavours, but I am unlikely to recommend the garlic version.

Review by: Penny
Dated: 04 Dec 2017
I revived the Garlic Rice Sticks and Sesame Pretzel Crisps. I absolutely love the pretzels! I found a delicious way to eat them was with avocado. I used the pretzel as a scoop, which worked really well and i ate the whole avo with the pretzel crisps! Oops.
I gave my partner some of the pretzels in his lunch and he came home wanting to know “what those amazing things were!”. I cant wait to try the other flavors and will definitely be putting these on our next shopping list. I think they will make a really versatile snack for platters this summer which is awesome- so much better than boring crackers.
We didn’t enjoy the Rice Sticks as much, I found them a little bit too sweet but did enjoy how light and crunchy they were. My partner said he didn’t mind them, especially with some hummus, but it wasn’t his fave. We will definitely be buying the Pretzel again. Thanks Her World for choosing us to be part of this yummy trial!

Review by: Kelly Kiri
Dated: 02 Dec 2017
Thank you for selecting me to trial these products. We received the sesame pretzels and cocoa rice sticks.

I just loved the pretzels and how thin and easy they are to eat, I love them so much I almost ate the whole bag! Although I think because they are thin they break easily and you end up with a whole lot of crushed up bits at the bottom of the packet.
I would like to purchase the other flavors and give them a go too.

As for the rice sticks unfortunately they were not a hit in my household. Maybe the other flavors are better, I found it to be like eating straight cocoa.

The packaging is great with it being resealable and informative.

Review by: lili manuel
Dated: 02 Dec 2017
Pretzel crisps. I like pretzels but these pretzel crisps are even better. It has the thinness and crunch which is like eating chips but the healthier version. They’re too crisp that the bottom ones in the pack are crushed. If they can only hold its shapes then it’ll be great. We got the Sesame flavour and can’t wait to try the other ones.

Rice sticks. At first, it didn’t seem like something I would like, but the more I ate it, the better it got. The spice is right for my taste. Its something new to munch. I think our friends will be intrigued to try them if i serve it.
Thank you for the trial!

Review by: Ngaire Roe
Dated: 02 Dec 2017
We had the Sesame flavoured pretzel’s and garlic flavoured rice sticks.
Both products were so tasty. I ate mine as a snack while on the road in between calls for work and to be honest couldn’t get enough of either snack. The pretzels had a pleasant taste , nice flavour and now I need to find where they are sold as I want to try the other flavours…..and as for the rice sticks they were so yummy and didn’t have that sticky after taste that sometimes comes with rice sticks . Also I love that you can load different foods on them and have them as a cracker if you want to have a bit more of a snack with the pretzels. We would like to know where these healthy snacks will retail from other than online as we don’t buy chips etc but will be buying these crisps and sticks.
Thankyou Her World for giving us the opportunity to trail these snacks.

Review by: Nicole Pask
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
Thank you Her World for sending us Cocoa Rice Sticks and Sesame Pretzel Crisps to trial. They were a hit by all in this home (two children and two adults). The Sesame Pretzel Crisps are such an amazing product I can’t believe I haven’t seen them before. So crunchy, tasty, just enough salty flavor and easy to reseal the bag to keep the freshness in. These Pretzel Crisps have accompanied the children to school in their lunches and satisfied me with hummus at the 3 pm slump. I love that you can easily put them on an entertaining platter with dips and cheeses and they look awesome.
Now the Cocoa Rice Sticks were, believe it or not, an even bigger hit. The children loved that they were covered in cocoa and felt like they were have dessert – and I was thrilled with the ingredient and nutritional list on the back. I do not have a sweet tooth, but these are not sweet, they are satisfying giving enough cocoa flavor with a nice crunch and without the intense sugar flavor that other products have.
Overall, we are sold on these two products. I have taken a photo of the packaging on my phone so I can find it and make sure it is in the trolley. It would be great to be sent out a list of stores that carry these products with the trial pack so we can locate them easily.

Review by: Tina Smith
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
I received the hot and spicy rice snacks. They were pleasantly flavoured, and not greasy at all. Great crunch and the pack size was good. I also received the sesame pretzel crisps. These were a little bit salty but stil tasty. I enjoyed them with a glass of wine and it was a great combination, both great alternatives to potato chips , would definitley recommend.

Review by: Kasia Irvine
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
Was so excited to receive these products to trial. Loved the sesame pretzel crisps, and found them perfect for using with dip for a more filling snack. loved the fact they were flat – easier to dip, had the perfect amount of salt – not too over bearing. Would I buy again? – More than likely yes. The rice snacks (hot and spicy) however are a different story, they looked nice but the taste was just not there.. In fact I had to spit mine out – the taste wasn’t great. Even my husband who normally eats anything was less than impressed, maybe the other flavours are better? Based on the flavour of this one though I doubt I would buy them. So from me it’s a thumbs up for the pretzel crisps, and a sorry no thanks for the rice snacks.

Review by: Hollie Laird
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
Our samples arrived today, just in time for hubby’s arrival home for lunch I received a full size pack of the sesame flavoured Pretzel Crisps and hot & spicy Rice Sticks. My husband and I tried the pretzels first and we were surprised that they were so thin and hard! Nevertheless we gave them a try and they were delicious! I particularly enjoyed the flavour as they were not as subtle as I thought they would be. I also thought they were quite a nice light snack option and perfect for a range of occasions from BBQs to work lunches. I then tried the hot & spicy rice sticks. I am not a fan of anything spicy but I managed to have a few before the bite kicked in. I enjoyed the flavour and the crunchy texture but the remainder of the pack I imagine will be enjoyed by my husband The best thing about both products is the pack sizes and the fact that you can reseal them. Perfect for taking out on a picnic or for enjoying at home (better than devouring them in one sitting and feeling guilty about it!).

Review by: Kelly O'Brien
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
We received these yesterday. I shared the pretzels as an afternoon snack with my husband – the kids sneaked a few tastes too. The pretzels are in handy packaging that would last well, and resealable. The sesame flavour is quite nice, though I found them a bit too sweet for my liking, but still yummy enough to keep goingback for more! I’m not sure I would buy a cracker with so much added sugar / corn syrup. The kids loved them though and asked for more. The rice crisps we got were hot and spicy – these have a unique packaging that I really liked the look of, and quite different texture and shape to other rice snacks – they don’t taste very spicy upon first bite but the aftertaste gives quite a hit – I really enjoyed them. I would buy these again as a BBQ snack or part of a platter. Great invention.

Review by: Elizabeth Mayweather
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
We received our products so exciting. We got the sesame pretzels and the garlic little snack sticks. Who would have thought that I would have found a use for them straight away. It was Caesar salad night last night which we love but I was missing an important ingredient the croutons. Solution I just crushed up some of the garlic sticks they made AMAZING croutons crunchy great garlic taste and stayed crunchy as they do not soak up the sauce…… These are now going to be my go to for instant croutons or something that needs a bit of crunch I made a fabulous broccoli soup these crushed on top PERFECT.

Review by: Megan Vajani
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I received the Rice Sticks in Cocoa and Pretzel Chips in Sesame.

So amazing! I loved the Pretzel Chips, with ample Sesame seeds you get what is advertised (plus the seeds are well stuck onto the Pretzels so less mess!). They are thin, super crunchy and really do replace chips but with way more functionality.

I ate some on their own before making a little flavor plate to enjoy with family. Amazing taste with so much potential. I love how versatile they are and blokes would enjoy equally. They’re an all rounder!

The Cocoa Rice Sticks are fun to eat, look visually interesting, seem a little fancy and healthy too! I enjoyed mine with my coffee and would really prefer these over normal chocolate items especially when cravings hit, I don’t feel so guilty afterwards.
I also broke some up and placed atop my chia pudding later on – they were a hit with everyone including the toddler. Win win

I loved they both had re-sealable bags, makes it so convenient for having a snack on the go! The marketing and impact of the packaging is good, yet the cocoa rice sticks do seem more of a ‘health food’.

Thanks for the opportunity – I’ll be keeping an eye out on the shelves for these, highly recommend and would make a nice gift for people over Christmas too!

Review by: Jasmine
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I received the Cocoa rice sticks and sesame seed pretzel crisps.
I was abit hesitant about the cocoa rice sticks but I wasn’t pleasantly surprised at how yummy and tasty they are, so light, crispy and flavor full.
Great snack or treat for when your on the run.
Pretzel crisps were yummy also, I had mine along with some roasted onion and garlic dip and it was absolutely delicious! But they added equally just as nice on there own.

Review by: tessak (Tess)
Dated: 03 Aug 2015
I buy pretzels on a very regular basis. I love them. My daughter loves them. The men folk enjoy them, if they can manage to snaffle any. I always have such great intentions when I buy pretzels. I intend to add them to cute little Snap Lock® bags and pop them in the kids lunchboxes, or I am going go arrange them lovingly and nicely on a platter with a variety of dip and maybe some carrot sticks for supper. It never happens. I open them, and my daughter and I simply just eat them over time.
So when I applied to review a bag of pretzel crisps, I honestly had such big plans. Real plans. Then they arrived. Sesame flavoured pretzel crisps. I was unprepared. There was no dip of any flavour, anywhere in the house. In fact there were no carrots either.But further to my dilemma, my daughter spotted them. Actually she spotted the very pretty and appealing purple bag first, and then she spotted the word 'pretzel' and that was that. She claimed starvation. She claimed a dire need to try these crisps that she had never seen nor tried ever in all her days. She begged just a little lol and I, her mother, caved (like many other mothers have caved) and handed the bag over.
When I went to check her shortly after, I had to confiscate the remainder of the bag. She had scoffed half the bag in mere minutes. This however tells us three things. 1. The bag is child friendly and as such easy to open for both young and old alike. 2. The crisps are very very very good. Obviously extremely delicious and moreish. 3. They are not overly packed with salt because she did not ask for a drink, not did she go screaming to the kitchen in search of some form of thirst quencher Smile Icon
Armed with this knowledge and the remainder of the bag, I snuck off to the kitchen, intending on a wee taste test before cooking dinner. Firstly, these are very visually appealing: fantastic colour, and a great amount of sesame seeds. They are also thin like a crisp and so crunchy. And the flavours awesome. Salty but not too salty. A hint of nutty without being over bearing. Like, they really are delicious. And before I knew it, the bag was empty Sad Icon I now understand how my daughter scoffed as many as she did as quick as she did. Two thumbs up definitely.

Review by: samantha203 (Samantha)
Dated: 27 Jul 2015
Our family eat pretzels quite regularly not as a weekly thing but at least a couple of times a month as a treat with hummus or pesto. My children aged 3 and 13 also enjoy to take pretzels over chips in their lunch as a treat. There is something completely moreish and delicious about the salty crunch of pretzels that make them a perfect treat. So when I saw these come up for review I was very intrigued as to what they would be like. I am a huge fan of the sesame flavour so knew I had to try this variety.
When the bag arrived I was very impressed the packet showed they were good quality and a bit more special than your average chips as a treat. I noticed straight away that the bag was resealable which is always a bonus with products like these so you can save some for another occasion with out them going stale. That wasn't an issue for us on this occasion though as once that packet was opened there was no stopping us from finishing the packet.
I pulled a crisp out of the packet and studied it they looked just like they did on the packet sort of like a pretzel that had been rolled out very thin and chiplike and they were covered in crunchy sesame seeds. The taste was very good not quite as salty as a pretzel but with the sesame seeds it certainly gave them enough flavour that you didn't need all the salt. The crisps are very moreish even on their own but they did go down very well with some hummus as a dip.
The texture is more like a hard potato chip than a pretzel so a little fiddly to dip with and you do have the occasional crisp break into the dip but this didn't faze us. I loved these crisps and would be very keen to try the other flavours especially the garlic!!

Review by: alexmoulton (Alex)
Dated: 24 Jun 2015
An interesting product. I've enjoyed pretzels in the past, as I love salty foods, and will generally add unhealthy amounts of salt to meals. Pretzels usually contain large chunks of salt, and so are very good at satiating that thirst for NaCl. Usually however, I find the actual consistency of pretzels to be rather average; kinda hard, kinda squishy. a half-baked kind of product. Crisps on the other hand obviously refers to something with a bit more sturdiness, so I was rather curious to try them.
The packaging is very simple to open and close, so no issues there. Quite a large packet, so no chance of running out before you have had your fill; also good. The product itself looks very much like the picture on the packet. Perhaps fractionally smaller, and thinner, but definitely an accurate representation of the product.
Grabbing one out and eating it on its own, it was very reminiscent of a cracker. Very similar in flavour, and reasonably fragile; strong enough to put things onto, but not necessarily strong enough to scoop for nachos (yes, I tried it). There is quite a strong salty flavour, which I enjoy. Admittedly, I ate this product in a variety of weird ways because I really couldn't be bothered cooking properly. I had it with schnitzel and cheese, ham and cheese, mince and cheese, and hummus with cheese (I really like cheese). It served well in all cases.
While I would have liked the to have held together a bit better for scooping so that I could properly use it with dips, they did make a great base, and an interesting alternative to conventional crackers.
A little boring on their own though, so while a good product, I'd probably pick a different "flavour" (just in case I'm too lazy for toppings)

Review by: kymmage (Kym)
Dated: 13 Jun 2015
I met these guys at the local Food Show earlier in May and I was so impressed with their product, I bought a couple of bags. When we selected our flavours, my youngest picked the sesame flavour and claimed it in the name of all things. When we got home, despite her having had a sleep, she confirmed to my eldest that the "petzels" were all hers and she would not share. This wouldn't have been a problem, as the eldest didn't go with us. Except, that Miss 3 took them upstairs and pushed them in her sister's face in order to lay claim on them!
Why was she so into these? They are quite simply delicious. Both of my kids eat and enjoy the hard pretzels you can buy in the snack aisle. I eat them, but find them a bit too salty. These pretzel crisps are similar, but they are flat and my taste buds like that there is less salt to them. They are still salty, but you don't feel parched eating them. The added sesame seeds give them a slight nuttiness, and make them look a bit fancy.
Because these are quite plain, they could easily be used as dip delivery systems, or to have a cheese board with. I could see these on our table for a party, appealing to everyone in the room. That is the magic of these ones. The other magic thing is the packet, because these are resealable snacks. The other day, while Miss 3 was feeling generous and she asked to open the packet and shared some with her sister. A week later, I dipped into the bag to add some to my lunchbox because I was going off-site and I didn't know if there was a cafe near my course. The pretzel crisps remain just that - crisp and crunchy. And there is still heaps in the bag.
Even Miss 8 who is seed-phobic totally ate these. She was amazed that they tasted good with all those weird seed things on them. Plus she thought it was quite funny that they were like a pancake flat pretzel. I am now doomed, because I need these to be in my life on a regular basis.

Review by: jopukeko (Jo)
Dated: 06 Jun 2015
I have been to New York and had real pretzels and had the packets of rock hard pretzels covered in salt we get here I was keen to see what Snack Factory's pretzel crisps were like. I was given the sesame variety to review for KIWIreviews. My daughters were keen to help me. Although the packet has lots of serving suggestions we just had them straight.
The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was that it was resealable. That is so handy especially if I opened it while we were out somewhere. I was impressed to see that the majority of crisps were still the classic pretzel knot, and all a uniform size so they would look very neat on a platter with raw vegetables and dip or a cheese board. Perhaps a third of them were broken which is about what you would get in a packet of chips. I suspected my girls wouldn't like the crisps as they had sesame seeds on them but I was wrong. They requested them in their lunch box the next day and although I gave them generous portions of the crisps there were none left when they got home.
They are crispy but not extra hard like the pretzels we get in the supermarket and not as salty either. They had a lovely flavour and I admit to eating much more than I should. The only thing I didn't like was that there were a couple of tablespoons of sesame seeds at the bottom of the packet which made it hard to get to the last few crumbs of pretzels. I am keen to try some of the other varieties of Snack Factory's pretzel crisps and try using them as a cracker with toppings or with a dip.