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Review by: Black Box Member comments
Dated: 18 Jul 2018

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  • Aaaaalllll of it. These are the yummiest snack.
  • All of the above - delish!!
  • All of the above, great product, went off in our house
  • All of the above.great product. Cant wait to try the others
  • Amazing flavor,
  • Amazing!
  • Being able to use it in so many other ways
  • Dairy free!
  • Delicious
  • Everything - so yummy
  • Everything was delicious
  • everything. I'm hooked.
  • Everything. The whole household enjoyed them
  • Flavour was good but way too hot for me
  • Gave to relative to eat as I am Gluten Free
  • good crunch
  • Good fresh crunchiness
  • how moreish they were
  • I couldn't get my head around them being made of bread and not being the Pretzel I am used to regardless of flavor, which I did like.
  • I didnt but my husband loved them im not into hot stuff like that
  • I don't like Pretzels but my family loved them when they came to visit
  • I personally didn't try this flavour (not a fan of spice) but my team LOVED them and couldn't get enough!
  • i wanted to tick all of the boxes. wished i had a sample of all of them
  • I wasn?t a huge fan but the kids loved them
  • It was something different, quite liked it
  • It was the combination of the the flavour with the texture
  • It was vey handy packet, the texture was good and the flavour was very "real" on how it should be.
  • Kids liked them. Quick snack
  • Liked the spice.
  • love these, they were so good, brought a pack the next day
  • loved the size, taste, freshness, crunch, sweet & salty flavour
  • Packaging was nice & colourful, looked high end
  • so crunchy
  • taste and crunchiness of them - satisfying to eat
  • Taste and texture equally
  • Taste was very good too. Loved the crunch combined with the taste.
  • The bite size pieces are easy to eat
  • The kids didn?t like the flavour as much as the adults
  • The quantity of pieces in the pack
  • The size of the pieces
  • The size of the pieces were good and a mix of sizes.
  • The whole deal!
  • very tasty snack
  • Very weird taste but NICE
  • You only need a few to be satisfied.

Review by: noisybabe007 (Angela)
Dated: 02 Sep 2017
When I checked KIWIreviews to see what I may be able to test and review this month - the Snyder's Pretzel pieces immediately caught my eyes, so I requested a few, in the hope that one might be sent. When I opened our KIWIreviews box I was rapt to see three flavours to sample - yay!
When you mention snacks in our house - the kids and the adults often have different things. The kids palate seems to be blander - plain crisps, plain crunchy noodles, crackers, and the like. I hoped these might serve a double purpose - something new and interesting and something that all of us might like.
The packaging is great - and you can clearly differentiate between the flavours - as each has a different colour "stripe". The photo of the yummy morsels inside is big and clear, and quite accurate at depicting the pretzel pieces. The packet is foil, keeping the pieces at their maximum crunchiness and flavoursome. A nice additional could be a resealable strip - but to be honest - these did not last long!
My children heard me opening the bag (how they can hear that from three rooms away, I do not know) but all came scavenging for some of my prized morsels. I begrudingly gave them some - and every one of them remarked (without knowing the flavour) how nice and cheesy they were - definitely a win from them! My middle daughter opted to save hers, and put them into a container for her lunch. She asked to borrow my phone - and knowing for review products I like to take photos - snapped the one I have attached!!
I absolutely will buy these again - they are a huge hit with all of the children and adults in this house - and I even found the cat licking the empty bag of all the cheesey flavour!

Review by: loten10 (Katie)
Dated: 24 Aug 2017
So when it comes to the savoury snack world, chips tend to be our go-to. Crunchy and salty, they make a great, although rather mundane, snack. That is why these Snyder's of Hannover pretzel pieces caught my eye. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from them. Previously we have tried tiny pretzels in snack form, but these said pretzel pieces. Would they be tiny? Would they be crunchy? Nevertheless, I was intrigued to find out more, and the fact that the packaging suggested a heritage encouraged me that these would be worth trying.
To start with I'm going to take a minute to appreciate the pack. How often these days do you get a pack when, on opening it, you find that at least half of it is air? These snacks were not like that at all- the pack was full to the brim, and certainly surprised me with how many they had managed to pack into the bag.
When we first tried them, I wasn't quite sure what to think. The cheese flavour really hit you when you opened the bag, but when you put the snack into your mouth it wasn't really strong, more of a subtle flavour. The flavour was nowhere near as strong as chips tend to be but it was still there in the background. The crunch was amazing- so much better than any chips you can buy, and certainly enough to satisfy any crunch craving. I was also surprised at the size of some of the pieces- one was the size of my thumb- and the variance in size suggested a much more batch produced product as opposed to a mass produced one which I really loved. I could see these being a great alternative (if blitzed up) to breadcrumbs too due to the subtle flavour- really handy to have in the cupboard.
What was really surprising was how much these grew on you. You started eating and thought they were ok, but the crunch and subtle taste became more and more addictive. I ended up having to hide them as we couldn't stop eating them (which subsequently failed, we got them out again, and had them alongside some pickles, cheese and cold meats for a really delicious, although unscheduled, dinner). I have already been scouring the supermarkets trying to find them as we need more of these in our lives!
So, you can probably tell, we would definitely recommend these pretzel pieces. Crunchy, subtle tasting and addictive, with many applications beyond those of a simple snack food. We are looking forward to getting our hands on some more, and them becoming a staple in our store cupboard.

Review by: kelly21 (Kelly)
Dated: 22 Aug 2017
wasn't quite sure what to expect from this product when I requested it as the only form of pretzels I have ever tried are your standard twisted and covered in salt pretzel snack you can get from the supermarket. I could see by the picture that these were quite different to that, so I was looking forward to giving them a go.
When I first saw the packet I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not. I'm not sure it would catch my attention in the supermarket or not, but I soon learnt that it fitted the product well. It has an almost rustic look to it, and these pretzels are certainly quite a rustic snack with all of their roughly shaped pieces.
As I opened the packet I was met with the most amazing cheese smell. I could see that inside the packet were a range of sized pieces - some little pieces no bigger than the size of your pinky finger nail, other pieces almost the length of my pinky finger. I selected one of the bigger pieces first as I wanted to get a good mouthful of pretzel to be able to taste the flavour well. The packet claims that the pretzels are "bursting with flavour" and they certainly aren't wrong! It is a yummy cheese flavour with a little bit of a kick to it. Reading the packet I could see that both onion powder and garlic powder have been used to flavour the pretzels and these will be what is creating this kick. The cheese flavour is yellow, much like that of twisties, but in my opinion has a much better flavour then any of these similar snacks.
I had plans of using these pretzels in a chicken salad for lunch, but the packet hasn't lasted that long! To say they are moreish is an understatement - I was unable to stay away and make them last and have slowly (or not so slowly!) made my way through the entire packet. Don't think I need the salad for lunch anymore either - I am nicely full as these pretzels have filled the gap.
I think these would be amazing on a nibble platter, and no doubt with disappear very quickly. I hope to get my hands on some more so that I can try them in a salad, and I have plans for my other packet (different flavour) to be used as a crispy coating for chicken. Other than this though, they make a great snack just as they are.

Review by: nikkib90 (Nikki)
Dated: 20 Aug 2017
I love this Snyder's of Hanover range of flavor pretzels! The name itself can be misread to Snyder's of Hangover and this is the bag I would be reaching for in that circumstance.
I was hoping for a super orange, cheesy flavor that would take me back to something else I loved in my youth that would take the death of a hangover away and fill me with fresh love to face the day. In this instance the cheddar flavor is very artificial (which is supported by the additives on the back that include 631 and 627 which are MSG associates) so that is a disappointment. A great little addition to a party platter with crackers, cheese and all the trimmings.
The packaging is clear wit the cheddar cheese pretzel pieces are bursting with flavor and they are. they are perfect size pieces with a crunch and taste that fills the mouth. The after taste is what I disliked.... I would still consider serving these to friends and family but myself would steer clear. The children liked them so would pop a few in the lunch box as a treat food rather than a staple. This is only one fail in the range of flavours so I am not put off the brand.

Review by: holden05 (Tracy)
Dated: 19 Aug 2017
This was one of those products that I really didn't know what to expect taste wise, the sparkly gold packet has an image of quite small finger sized pieces of pretzel pieces. The pieces themselves are a little different than displayed on the image, bigger, and looked like pretzel pieces but the flavouring on the untoasted side is a bright orange, almost the twisties colour.
The taste itself is very moreish, (is there even such a word? ) but once you have one, you have to have another and another... and you get the idea. I said that it was purely for research purposes but the rest of the family was around, they rolled their eyes and went back again and again for more too! There is a definite bread / pretzel flavour, and there is a lovely cheese flavour that has an almost pepper after taste (like a flavour kick). I had to read the ingrediants to define the adult tang to these pretzel pieces and they have garlic powder, I think this really shifts them as a snack from something that you would throw into the kids lunch boxes to something you could either snack on or put in an antipasto platter when friends come around for a few drinks. I do think the colouring on the flavouring may make adults warey about trying them, but it's a little like a pringles add, once you have one, it's very hard to stop!
The pretzel cheese, garlic flavour means these would be great crushed up for chicken coating but to be honest I can't see them sitting around in my cupboard long enough to get used in that manner. I would definitely put these on the purchase list for the upcoming barbie season, a great adult nibble to accompany a few drinks in the summer sun.

Review by: tamstar22 (Tami)
Dated: 18 Aug 2017
When I first got these my son snatched the bag and said these are mine. As soon as I opened the packet he was into them, and straight away was saying oh my, these are so yum. My eight year old son thought these were the best snack. I had to hide them away so I could take them work to let some work mates try them. After eating a couple myself this was difficult I could have easily eaten them all.
I loved the flavours and the texture and cheddar cheese was not over powering or really strong but instead it was simple enough to really enjoy the snack without getting over the flavour after a few. Work mates were really interested in the pretzel snack and a few tried the snack and said they really enjoyed it and wished they could have more. I work long hours writing case notes at my desk so I always look for snack foods to get me through the day, I believe these would be that ideal snack to keep in my top draw. I would like to see a packet try and last a couple of days though at it would add it if you went through a bag or two or three in a week.
Overall the cheddar cheese pretzels are amazing and if you are after a yummy snack for on the go, for your children, while friends are over or just for no reason then these are them. They go down well and I find you get good value within the packet. The bag is cool and eye catching, the yellow reminding me off cheese and has that vintage look to it I reckon. The bag colours are similar to the pretzel colours and match well. I look forward to trying the other flavour I have to review.

Review by: jopukeko (Jo)
Dated: 09 Aug 2017
Our family loved the salted caramel pretzel pieces for Snyder's of Hanover so were keen to try the cheddar cheese variety too. I was sure we would all like them. The first impression for everyone was the bright orange colour and the strong cheese smell when I opened the packet. Unfortunately (for them and fortunately for me) Miss 7 and Miss 9 were not keen on the cheese ones at all. They reminded me of pretzel version of cheezels. They had a good crunch to them and couldn't be eaten discretely because of this.
I would usually get a rash around my mouth from eating cheezels or twisties but that hasn't happened with the pretzel pieces (and I have eaten most of the packet myself) so that is a big thumbs up from me and reason in itself to buy it again. They also didn't leave my fingers orange either, another bonus. It is a bit saltier than I would have liked but if it is part of a platter of nibbles than that won't be noticeable.
I would be interested to try these as croutons in a creamy soup as they reminded me of croutons. They could also be a crumbled topping on a pie or pasta bake.

Review by: savta (Jo)
Dated: 26 Jul 2017
I took my review packet of pretzel pieces to work because I was running late and had no time to make a sandwich. Having already tried another flavour, I thought it would be a good substitute - not to mention tasty! Come lunchtime, I opened the pack, shook out some of the contents on to a plate, and added the mandarins I had brought as well.
Well, that was not so sensible! The colleague sitting on my left was intrigued by the appearance of the pretzel pieces and out came her hand - before I could so much as taste one myself - and pinched one. She liked it so much that she grabbed three more and assured me they were delicious before asking (with her mouth still full) where she could buy some! The next thing I knew was that the colleague sitting on the other side had helped herself to come as well. She too was positive in her comments and went on to grab some more.
Obviously they were both impressed, so I thought I had better try some myself to see why they were both so enthusiastic in their comments. I took two largish pieces and put them both in my mouth at the same time, and then I realised the cause of their appreciation. I was hit by a combination of strong cheddar flavour and a texture that was a combination of soft and crunchy. I was sold!
I ate my way through the packet with lots of help from my two hungry (and somewhat pushy) friends, enjoying every mouthful. We finished the packet, but to my surprise, I was no longer hungry even though they had eaten more than half of the packet between them. The pretzel pieces were surprisingly filling and the comment on the 125g packet that it contains two servings is not wrong - it would easily have been enough for a light meal for two people.
I would like to try this product in other combinations - I can see it going well as part of an hors d'oeuvres consisting of dried fruits and nuts, or a cheese platter, and it would also be nice scattered through a salad to provide extra flavour and crunch. But the next time I get some (and there will certainly be a next time) I will open the packet out of sight of helpful colleagues so that there is enough to try out in a few different recipes!

Review by: melissaandchloe (Melissa)
Dated: 16 Jul 2017
Pretzels are often a go to snack in our house, especially for Miss 4 and myself, while Miss 4 loves to eat them straight from the pack I prefer to serve mine on a snack platter along with some cheese, dips and other bits and pieces as on there own pretzels can sometimes taste a bit plain and often after eating a few my mouth can become quite dry. I was so excited to see the range of flavours available in the pretzel pieces and one of the ones that I was most looking forward to trying was the cheddar cheese variety, I mean who doesn't love cheese?
The cheddar cheese pretzel pieces come in a 125g and are in a beautifully presented bag which is gold with a deep bright yellow colour, the perfect colour combination for a packet which contains cheese flavoured pretzels. The package says that these are 'bursting with flavour' and I can say that they really are bursting with flavour. The pretzel pieces while they come in many various shaped sizes are flavour packed and have flavour that you can really see which comes in a yellow powdered form. The taste is very cheesey and does remind me of a sharp cheddar cheese, and it also in my opinion tastes a look like Twisties which I love. Miss 4 and her friends absolutely loved devouring these to and kept asking for more, however I had to tell them that they were all gone as I had something that I wanted to try out with the remainder of the packet.
Instead of making my usual Macaroni Cheese for dinner I decided to make some Mac and Cheese balls, which the recipe stated were to be rolled into balls and then coated in breadcrumbs before being fried in oil. I made the Mac and Cheese as per directions and then left it to cool, once cooled I rolled the pasta into small balls and then blended up some of the cheddar cheese pretzel pieces in the blender with the same amount of bread crumbs until the pretzels resembled fine crumbs, and then I used this to coat the balls, before frying them in hot oil until golden and crisp. These were absolutely amazing the creamy cheese sauce went incredibly well with the crispy coating of the bread crumbs and cheddar cheese pretzels, everyone who tried them loved them, including my partners parents, and Miss 4 and had asked me how I made them so cheesey. I'm pretty sure it was the pretzels that made this dish complete. The balls were great on there own but also with a tomato dipping sauce.
There is no questioning whether or not I will be buying these again, as I absolutely will be they are delicious, a great alternative to potato chips, and they would be perfect to have on a snack platter at a BBQ or party, and also as a snack for kids and adults too. 10/10 from me a great tasting product.