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Review by: Black Box Member comments
Dated: 18 Jul 2018

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  • Aaaaalllll of it. These are the yummiest snack.
  • All of the above - delish!!
  • All of the above, great product, went off in our house
  • All of the above.great product. Cant wait to try the others
  • Amazing flavor,
  • Amazing!
  • Being able to use it in so many other ways
  • Dairy free!
  • Delicious
  • Everything - so yummy
  • Everything was delicious
  • everything. I'm hooked.
  • Everything. The whole household enjoyed them
  • Flavour was good but way too hot for me
  • Gave to relative to eat as I am Gluten Free
  • good crunch
  • Good fresh crunchiness
  • how moreish they were
  • I couldn't get my head around them being made of bread and not being the Pretzel I am used to regardless of flavor, which I did like.
  • I didnt but my husband loved them im not into hot stuff like that
  • I don't like Pretzels but my family loved them when they came to visit
  • I personally didn't try this flavour (not a fan of spice) but my team LOVED them and couldn't get enough!
  • i wanted to tick all of the boxes. wished i had a sample of all of them
  • I wasn?t a huge fan but the kids loved them
  • It was something different, quite liked it
  • It was the combination of the the flavour with the texture
  • It was vey handy packet, the texture was good and the flavour was very "real" on how it should be.
  • Kids liked them. Quick snack
  • Liked the spice.
  • love these, they were so good, brought a pack the next day
  • loved the size, taste, freshness, crunch, sweet & salty flavour
  • Packaging was nice & colourful, looked high end
  • so crunchy
  • taste and crunchiness of them - satisfying to eat
  • Taste and texture equally
  • Taste was very good too. Loved the crunch combined with the taste.
  • The bite size pieces are easy to eat
  • The kids didn?t like the flavour as much as the adults
  • The quantity of pieces in the pack
  • The size of the pieces
  • The size of the pieces were good and a mix of sizes.
  • The whole deal!
  • very tasty snack
  • Very weird taste but NICE
  • You only need a few to be satisfied.

Review by: sassy121 (Amelia)
Dated: 08 Sep 2017
When I saw a post on the KIWIreviews Facebook page advising its members that there would be flavoured pretzel pieces up for review I was keen to try. There were four flavours available which were Sweet and Salty Salted Caramel, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeño and Honey, and Mustard and Onion. I spent quite a while deliberating over which flavour to request, but in the end, my sweet tooth won and I chose the Salted Caramel.
I was stoked to be chosen to review the Salted Caramel Pretzel pieces and was impressed with the packaging. The foil packet is designed to keep the pretzels fresh and crunchy. The blue on the label really makes the words stand out and easy to read. The picture accurately depicts what the pretzel pieces look like, the Nutrition Information states that there are two servings in the 100g packet, however, in this household, we only took a couple pieces at a time and has lasted a while.
Upon opening the packet I was met with a lovely sweet smell and I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed. The pretzel pieces are made of flavoured Sourdough and are quite hard in texture to eat. The pieces were a lovely golden colour on one side which reminded me of a typical pretzel like what I have eaten in the past. I chose to leave a piece in my mouth and savour the flavours, there was just the right amount of Salted Caramel that wasn't too overpowering, and in the bottom of the packet once all the pieces were gone was some yummy leftover flavouring which of course I devoured.
I personally loved these pretzel bites more than plain pretzels and believe I will purchase in the future as a treat for myself. Maybe next time I will be brave enough to choose a savoury option from this brand also, I highly recommend these pretzel bites to all snack lovers.

Review by: michelleh (Michelle)
Dated: 01 Sep 2017
I'm personally not a huge fan of pretzels but love Salted Caramel so was really interested in trying these salted caramel pretzel pieces. The flavoured sourdough hard pretzels come in a 100g attractive bag with the product shown clearly on the front. Upon opening the bag I discovered the pretzels came in different shapes and sizes but the majority of which were of a reasonable size, about the size of your thumb finger nail. The pieces looked like they were the remnants of a smashed up super-sized pretzel with smooth edges on some pieces.
I have to say that these pretzels were fabulous and were crunchy without being too hard. The savoury sourdough combined with the lovely salted caramel meant they were sweet without being sickly. My pretzel mad girls asked to try them and both enjoyed the sweetness of them and requested that they take some to school the next day. The bag recommends two 50g servings but one bag could easily be enjoyed in one sitting. These are a snack I would definitely buy again and I have to say that these are a unique product. My only whinge would be that these contain Palm Oil which I'm not overly impressed with.

Review by: alexmoulton (Alex)
Dated: 28 Aug 2017
First thing I noticed when I picked up this packet, was its weight; the packet weighed much less than that of the other flavours in the brand. An inspection of the packet reveals that the product only weighs 100g (therefore the jalapeno and honey mustard varieties have 25% more product for the same price); one would have to assume that this flavour must involve higher priced ingredients. Looking at the ingredients list, you can see that these will be well flavoured, with 16% of the weight of the product being caramel and a further 5% in sugar. With only 0.8% salt, the real test of this "Sweet and Salty" variety, would be the balance between the two flavour types.
Opening the pack, that familiar smell of caramelised sugar and browned caramel hits the senses, and images of baked goods fill the mind; of glazed donuts, caramel kettle popcorn, and caramel brittle. The pretzel pieces in this pack still have variety in size, but the variation is much less and swings more towards the smaller volumes. This does give the pieces a much stronger flavour, as there is less pretzel volume compared to the surface area of the flavour coating. You can see in the picture that the most visible aspect of the flavour is in the salt and sugar crystals that are stuck to the outside, but there is definitely a strong presence of caramel, even if not immediately visible.
I didn't know what to expect of a sweet and salty sourdough pretzel, but it tasted amazing. Absolutely delicious. Tasting the first few pieces, you can tell by the flavour alone that this is by no means a healthy product to eat, but it is incredibly delicious. There is a lot of sugary sweetness, but the slight presence of salt prevents it from becoming overpowering and makes the product so moreish. I ate the whole packet in one sitting. The packet contains two servings, but I was neither going to save it for later nor share it with a friend.
It's a pity the product contains palm oil, as it is quite a controversial product (mass deforestation and all), but otherwise, I love it!

Review by: tamstar22 (Tami)
Dated: 23 Aug 2017
This is one product that was very interesting to try and review, as I normally class pretzel as a salty snack and to come across a salted caramel sweet and salty pretzel I was excited to see what it would taste like. Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Pieces - Salted Caramel are very yum and something of a different kind of snack. I took the bag to work with me to see how my work mates would rate the product. And the results were all positive. My work mates thought the salted caramel pretzel was perfect for those three o'clock afternoon snack to get through the day.
Many commented that the flavour was just right, not to strong or not enough, not to sweet or not to salty. They found the pretzel pieces to be yummy and crunchy and many liked how you had to lick your fingers afterwards. They commented about the packaging saying they like the blue and how it stands out, although the picture kind of looks like giant bread crumbs when you open the packet and see the product it makes sense and the picture does look similar to the pretzel pieces.
My work mates feel the price is set fair and that for the amount you get in a bag it is a responsible priced snack. Some said it would be a product they would buy themselves to add to their snack draw at work, where a couple said it was not a snack they would always have on hand. For me personally I liked them, but I liked the cheese flavoured pretzel more, the more savoury taste rather then the sweet pretzel taste. My son really liked these and found them to be a great treat, he managed to try the last few in the bag that did not get eaten from work mates. But my also was the same as me and enjoyed the cheese ones better.

Review by: devilprincess (Lauren)
Dated: 22 Aug 2017
Pretzels aren't a normal snack for me, occassionally I'll have them while watching movies at home but my normal go to movie snack is Sweet and Salty Popcorn so I was really interested in trying these Salted Caramel Pretzel Pieces as I thought they might make a good replacement for my regular popcorn.
Upon opening the packet I could see that the contents didn't resemble what was displayed on the front of the packet. The packet shows relatively uniformed shapes but inside they were all different sizes, this isn't a big deal to me for the purposes of what I was planning to do with them but others may have something different in mind so would be useful for them to know.
The size of the packet means it would make a great companion for a games night platter with cheese and crackers or even a movie night platter with popcorn and maltessers but there definitely isn't enough to satisfy 2 adults and 2 children if that's the only thing up for offer. As it was for us, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet and salty taste and the small broken pieces of pretzel but my daughter didn't like how hard they were to chew so she opted for the popcorn instead. My son, aka the garbage disposal, ate all of his and then moved onto his sister's popcorn without hesitation. I asked him what he thought of them and he said they were good and asked when I was getting more. My husband really enjoyed them and would have quite happily downed the whole packet on his own if I wasn't there to stop him.
At only $3.49 a packet it's a bargin, especially for a slightly different treat to the normal salted pretzels or popcorn. I will definitely be keeping a look out for this product in the shops, especially if my husband and son get any say at all.

Review by: nikkib90 (Nikki)
Dated: 20 Aug 2017
Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Pieces in Sweet and Salty - this is the sweet delight that I have been looking for in naughty/nice treat! With the rain pouring down and being over the usual popcorn we broke open this little bag of deliciousness and were entirely delighted! Master 6 and Master 8 couldn't get enough and I had to hide the last little portion of the bag for a little "later for me" treat!
I can see form the packaging that this delivers sweet, salty, crunchy and classy all from one bag! The ingredient list on the back is free from MSG - Made in the USA is the equivalent of top standards so we endorse this product 100%. The packaging is perfect for a picnic or to pop a serving on a party platter to serve with cheese/crackers/wine/beer.
There wasn't anything we disliked about the Sweet and Salty pretzel pieces - they are chunky and very little crumbs/broken pieces so that was excellent! We entertain often and have very picky pallets to cater to and I believe these will go down a treat to the various picky party attenders that enjoy them!
There are a number of flavours in the Snyders pretzel range and I would happily serve them all to my family and friends.

Review by: jopukeko (Jo)
Dated: 09 Aug 2017
I snuggled up under a blanket to watch a movie with Miss 7 and Miss 9 and got out the Sweet and Salty Pretzel Pieces from Snyder's of Hanover. We all loved the sweet caramel smell we were greeted with when I opened the packet. I gave each of us a couple of pieces to try and we all loved it. Both girls chose to have a handful of the salted caramel pretzels as their lunchbox treat for the next day.We had to rescue that serving before we ate the whole packet.
The packet looks quite small but it is surprising how much there is there. The packet says serves two but these are generous servings. The pieces have a good crunch to them. I liked to hold a piece in my mouth and suck the sweet coating off before chewing the softened pretzel. The girls chose to eat theirs quickly. My husband likes salty food but isn't a fan of salty food, grabbed a handful and disappeared only to return a short while later for more and was disappointed that we had emptied the packet.
I will be looking out for this treat in store as it makes a nice change from the usual treats we have and was popular with the whole family.

Review by: savta (Jo)
Dated: 23 Jul 2017
When I saw the packet, I just wanted to open it and devour the lot - I like caramel, salted or not, and I also like pretzels so I figured I would be tempted to just eat until they were all gone. However, I steeled myself to wait until the afternoon: I knew that friends would be calling to visit so I could get them to rescue me from caramel overload!
The effect of the packet-opening-ceremony was just as I had hoped for. Caramel has its own unique scent and this was strong and very promising! The pieces were different sizes, but all were reasonably big. They seemed to have one smooth side which prompted one of my visitors to ask if they were a mixture of pretzel pieces and nuts. However, when we looked more closely, we could see that the contents were 100% pretzel. At the same time, there is a warning on the packet that there may be traces of peanuts in the product so that is useful to know if someone present has a nut allergy.
I had six visitors - three adults and three children ranging in age from eight to 14 - so the contents had to be carefully divided. We were all very civilised until we had each tasted a piece, but then it was a matter of everyone for him or herself because everyone liked them so much. I was forced to grab half a dozen pieces before they all disappeared and I was left with no review notes!
The children's mother said she thought they tasted a lot like popcorn although the texture was somewhat different. She said she could distinguish a buttery aftertaste, just as you get with hot popcorn. I tried another piece and could see what she meant - they did have a slightly oily aftertaste which was very pleasant. Their father said he enjoyed them because they were not too sweet, and thought he could probably eat a packet on his own. The third adult, the children's grandfather, has false teeth but had no problems chewing his share. He said he nearly declined taking any because pretzels are usually a bit hard for him, but these had a softer texture so he could manage them without difficulty.
I did not get much feedback from the children apart from a few words like "yum!" and "is there another packet?" in between mouthfuls. I think that we can take that as a thumbs up from all three of them as they were clearly enjoying themselves.
I would buy this again as we had a unanimous vote of approval. However, I would like to see a larger packet size as we could all have managed a few more pieces. Having the choice of the current (100 g) size and a larger (maybe 150g) size would give some choice for the consumer.

Review by: melissaandchloe (Melissa)
Dated: 10 Jul 2017
Pretzels are one of those snacks which we always have in our house, they don't cost the earth and they are a relatively healthy option compared to a lot of snack foods on the market! Miss 4 loves them and teamed up with some fruit and vegetables they make the perfect morning or afternoon snack!
The idea of eating a salted caramel flavoured pretzel had me curious, I love pretzels and salted caramel is also one of my favourite sweet combinations, so the idea of trying this combination as a pretzel sounded pretty good to me, pretzels are usually salty so I could kind of see where the salted caramel idea came from. Opening up the packaging I saw that the pretzel pieces were of various sizes, some small and some large, this however really didn't bother me, though I must admit I did tend to eat the bigger bits first and leave the smaller pieces for a recipe I was wanting to use them in, which worked out perfect as I wanted to blend them into fine crumbs so no issues arose here!
The taste of the pretzels was delicious, a lovely sour dough that wasn't too hard, just the right consistency and in my opinion much better than that of other pretzels which I usually buy in the supermarket. The balance of the sour dough with the salted caramel coating was amazing and one that I really enjoyed. The caramel wasn't too sweet and was balanced by just the right amount of salt. They were very morish and it was hard to stop at just a few.
With almost half a bag of little pretzel pieces left over I decided to blend these up into crumbs to use as a topping to individual mini apple crumbles that I was making, rather than using my usual crumble mix. They were easy to blend up and mixed perfectly with a bit of melted butter. The taste was amazing and it went so well with that of the cinnamon apples in the dessert - the whole family loved the taste of the caramel with the apples and have requested it again, apparently it is so much nicer than crumble, I have to agree!
One thing I noticed was that the salted caramel pretzel pieces come in 100g bags, as opposed to the other 3 flavours I have for review which are 125g in size, I thought that this was perhaps due to them being a sweet coating rather than savoury? Such an amazingly tasty snack which I will for certain be purchasing again sooner rather than later, and at only $3.49 why not?

Review by: tucker (Karl)
Dated: 09 Jul 2017
Sourdough is not exactly known for being a "sweet" bread... and "salty" comes to mind when one says "pretzels" so a sweet pretzel product had me a little confused, but very curious... of course I was going to try this one. Smile Icon
The packet shows pieces of a fairly even size and shape, however inside the pack is a world apart, and the pieces range from chucks the size of a push-pin head to 2/3rds the size of my thumb. This isn't a bad thing really, but it will mean that you don't get what you are being presented with on the front. They ALL taste the same - that is to say "very tasty" - so it's purely a cosmetic thing in case that is of interest to you. It did cause me a small amount of trouble, as based on the image presented, I was planning to use these in the topping of a rice pudding done "cottage pie" style, but the wide variety of sizes meant that the risk that some would burn was too high. I could have broken them down, but since the flavour is a coating, rather than a part of the sourdough itself, I would have ended up with a portion of "purely pretzel" pieces which isn't what I wanted.
In the end, it was easier to simply treat these as a casual snack, so I sat down to watch a couple of movies and treat these like extra-crunchy popcorn. What a stunner, this turned out to be the best thing to do as they were perfect in that role. The outer crust of the pretzel is really smooth, so the flavour didn't really stick to it, which also meant it was easy to grab and didn't make my fingers sticky. The flavour is wonderful - sweet caramel flavour to complement the natural saltiness of the pretzel - and the texture reminds me of certain types of apple, with a crisp outer skin but a crisp yet somehow softer inner. I think I may have been underestimating pretzels all these years!
Overall, these were a lovely snack to watch a movie with, and if you take into account that the cinemas will sting you $8+ for a tub of regular popcorn, the $3.50 +/- for a bag of these will give you far more pleasure, even if you take TWO bags with you!