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Review by: Pauline Robinson
Dated: 26 Jan 2018
I tried the Sesame Pretzel Crisps and everyone in our house loved them including my son who nearly devoured the entire packet! I had to rescue them and hide them in the pantry. I would definitely buy these again, they are really tasty and great for dipping. I'd have these over potato chips any day!
The next product we tried was the Hot and Spicy Rice Sticks. These weren't as packed with flavour as I would have expected from the name but still a really enjoyable snack.
The Pretzel crisps were a clear winner for us though and keen to try the other flavours.

Review by: Rhian Morris
Dated: 13 Jan 2018
Oops! I'm incredibly late with my review! I received the Original Pretzel Crisps and the Hot & Spicy Rice sticks. Both were great but I definitely preferred the Pretzel sticks. Being a new mum at home with a breastfed baby, I found these to be a great easy snack to grab & keep me going between meals.

Review by: Rebecca Bowman
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
Thank you for the opportunity to be a trial taster. Apologies for the delayed review.

My review is on the Pretzel Crisps Sesame flavour and the Rice Sticks in Hot & Spicy.
The Pretzel Crisps were great and really mourish, our household enjoyed them very much. Albeit a number of the pretzels were broken. I will be buying this flavour for upcoming gatherings.

The Rice Sticks looked really appetising, and the product was full. We received Hot & Spicy, the description is correct, so was way too spicy for our children. I was expecting the rice sticks to be alot more tasty however the taste and texture weren’t a hit. I was expecting them to be more like the sticks in buja mixes whixh wasn’t the case. However i would be willing to try a different flavour.
Thank you

Review by: Jen Wiig
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
So I know this is all about us but I have to say these snacks were so good my very fussy 3 yr old couldn’t get enough of the sesame flavoured Pretzel Crisps. I will be honest and wasn’t that fussed on the Sesame ones but I did find the garlic ones in store at 4 Square so purchased those and really enjoyed them… They make a good on the go or between meals snack and are great to use for dipping rather than oily boring potato chips.
The Rice Snacks were incredible!!! I received the hot and spicy and they were full of flavour and so spicy the kids stayed right away… Yussss finally a snack just for mum that will be safe in the cupboard haha. I found the more I ate these the more I wanted them they are light so u don’t feel bloated from them and resealable bags…. Winning!!! The package sizes are great for the cost very reasonable and the packets wernt filled of air there was a decent amount of product inside. Both snacks are very versatile and wouldn’t hesitate to use on platter board for guests or as a nice snack while watching G a dvd at home on the couch.

Review by: Marta Andrew
Dated: 03 Jan 2018
I’m really sorry about submitting this review so late but thankful for having been chosen to try and review these snacks.

I received the Pretzel Crisps in Garlic Parmesan flavour and the Rice Sticks in Hot & Spicy.
The Pretzel Crisps have been a hit with our family overall. However, I must admit they are a little too salty for me to eat more than a handful at a time. Even my other half who is not partial to good old salty crisps found these slightly too much so. I also find they break up too easily in the package to be taken out and about or, indeed , to be used as base for canapes,etc. Because of the saltiness I find they are not good with dips as the salt overpowers whatever flavour dip you are using.
Overall I must admit that , although they are nice enough to east as an occasional treat, I will not be buying them again. In NZ we have so many healthy crisp and cracker options that buying something US- made is hardly necessary.

The Rice Sticks I was quite excited about too. Unfortunately, I got sent the most unpalatable flavour (Hot & Spicy) for my taste and so these are getting a big ‘no’ from me. I’m sure the other flavours must be pretty yummy but,sadly, this one just didn’t work for me or anyone else in our household.

Review by: Angela Wallace
Dated: 28 Dec 2017
We received the Sesame Pretzel Chips and they were amazing. It was literally a fight to get them.
They were great for snacks and for in lunch boxes.

We also received the Hot and Spicy Rice Sticks. A bit hot for our taste buds but friends of ours who visited thoroughly enjoyed them.

Review by: Jasmine Harris
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Thanks for choosing me to trial these products! We received the Sesame Pretzel and they taste amazing they are just like pretzels but much softer and lighter. Really liked them! I also received the Hot & Spicy Rice Sticks. They tasted amazing also and cannot fault the taste at all. The texture was a bit different, I think I’d prefer them more crunchier but otherwise they were great. Thanks again.

Review by: mumofthree
Dated: 19 Dec 2017
Well I had such a great surprise when I received my wee box in the mail!! Thanks alot it is AWESOME to be chosen… and I LOVE the rules… no children allowed…only for ME!! wow that is so cool. Although actually keeping anything from them is IMPOSSIBLE, So here goes. I opened up the Pretzel crisps, I got the garlic parmesan ones, and oh man, I love them. I was rushing out the door on one of the hetic last days of school bus run and was late so I ripped open these as I didnt have time for anything else and was going to come home again, I grabbed a handful of them and thought why not. They had heaps of flavour and were so yummy, not the best breakfast but who cares they are so morish! could have finished the whole packet. Nice and light and thin, very chip like but not. and very tasty. Loved the flavour. Great for adults a bit salty for the kids (yes after school I gave them a taste each) and they loved them too. No hesitation there but probably wouldnt let them have too much, because of the salt. So overall a BIG Hit, very yummy, they are going on the shopping list for the camping trip! Will review the rice sticks when I open them. Am a bit shy to as I go Hot and Spicy!! Thanks heaps for the opportunity.

Review by: Nicole Lee
Dated: 13 Dec 2017
I received the Sesame Pretzel Crisps . Big thumbs from from me liked everything about them . What sets them apart from other pretzels is taste and that theyre flat making it easier to dip or add a topping . I will definitely be keeping a eye out for them when I next go shopping as they make the prefect snack .

I also go to try The Hot & Spicy Rice Snacks. Thumbs down there were 3 of us trying them we all agreed that the taste and texure wasnt right .

Thanks for the opportunity to try out these products

Review by: Kathryn Wickins
Dated: 13 Dec 2017
I received the original Pretzel Crisps, I really liked this idea! I love pretzels and this flattened shape makes them much better for dipping and I think I actually prefer them to the usual shape pretzels. Original is always a good flavour, went pretty sweet with a beer! I’d really love to try some of the other flavours so i’ll buy some over Christmas, perfect to put out as snacks with people coming over or just for a night in.

I also got to try the garlic Rice sticks. I really liked the texture, light and crisp but I have to say I wasn’t overly keen on the flavour. it wasn’t too garlicy but it was quite sweet, just not for me. But I will buy the hot and spicy and cocoa flavours as I think i’d really like them in a different flavour.

thanks for the opportunity to try these products

Review by: Sarah Curtis
Dated: 12 Dec 2017
I was excited to receive the garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps and Hot & Spicy Rice Sticks to try!

The Pretzel Crisps were the best product I have tasted like this in a long time! They had a good amount of flavouring, I loved that they were thin and crispy and they were so tasty that I didn’t need dip to go with them. I had these as an afternoon snack and kept a few at work to snack on during the day. I am keen to try the other flavours now as I think I’m hooked! I like the packaging, the colours are bold and it’s re-seal-able which is fantastic!

The Hot & Spicy rice sticks were slightly too hot for my taste buds and had a strange underlying flavour that wasn’t to my liking. They were ok, but not great.

Review by: Charky77
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I received the hot and spicy rice sticks and the garlic Parmesan pretzel crisps. The pretzel crisps were unlike anything I had had before. The taste was great, I loved the flavour. I loved that they were like the thickness of a cracker.
I ate them on their own and also with cheese and tomato. I liked them both ways.
The rice sticks I found were not really for me to be honest. The first bite they seemed flavourless. The flavour did come in more as I ate more. I think they might have been nicer with a dip like a chip. The flavour was not really to my liking.
I liked the look of the packaging. They looked modern and appealing.
I would definitely buy the pretzel crisps again. They would be a good alternative to crackers. I loved the texture and flavour of these.
The rice sticks I would not have again in this flavour. I liked the texture and idea of these, so I might try a different flavour to see if I liked it better. Thanks for the opportunity to try these. It is good to try something that gives me something different for a snack idea

Review by: savta (Jo)
Dated: 10 Dec 2017
We usually have papadums with curry, but when I was given the opportunity to review this product I immediately started wondering how well they would go instead. I needed to check the heat intensity first as I did not want to suddenly up the spice content to the point where nobody apart from myself would actually eat the meal! So I first tried a single rice stick from the packet to see what it would be like. I am happy to report that the "hot" part of the description places it firmly at the lower end (ie mild) of the spectrum. Spicy these snacks may be, but they are easy to eat to the point that even children, who frequently have a lower tolerance to hotter foods, might enjoy.
And so we went ahead with our planned green curry. I had deliberately selected this one because one of our visitors is prone to mouth ulcers if he eats anything outside the mild range, but he enjoys Thai cuisine and is able to eat a range of foods as long as they don't irritate his mouth. I had made the curry the day before their lunchtime visit (because curry is always better made in advance - it lets the flavours settle) using green curry paste and fresh vegetables from the garden.
I waited till the last minute to add the rice sticks as I was afraid they might go soft once they came in contact with the curry, but I need not have worried. They provided extra crunch and flavour right until the last mouthful. This crispness was reinforced by what happened next.
One of our visitors had overestimated his appetite so he had left about a quarter of his helping on his place, complete with half a dozen sticks. He said he hated leaving food but that it was no reflection on the quality - he had really liked the combination, but was far too full to manage the rest. However, he thought he might reheat it later and finish it for afternoon tea. I put his plate in the fridge, and sure enough, three hours later he felt ready to tackle his leftovers. I reheated the food in the microwave, apologising in advance in case the sticks had gone soft. But no - they had lost the edge of their extreme crunch but were still crisp enough to generate a satisfactory level of crunch. Even when microwaved!
Of our group of four, three of us said we would buy this product again. The fourth person said he does not normally buy snack foods, but if he were to choose something, he would probably go for this one or another flavour from the same range as he was surprised by just how much he had enjoyed it.

Review by: Jthorne
Dated: 05 Dec 2017
Thanks for the opportunity to review the Pretzel Crisps & Rice Sticks products. We tried the Hot & Spicy rice sticks and found them very tasty, a good level of heat! My husband and I ate them straight from the pack as a snack, but they would also be great as a lunchbox snack in another flavour for the kids.

We tried the Sesame flavour of the Pretzel Crisps and they were delicious. We had them with a cheeseboard and they were so yum with blue cheese and Havarti cheese on top. Great as a snack as well! Would definitely buy these again and will look out for them at the supermarket, very keen to try Buffalo Wing variant.

Review by: Kimberlee Puketapu
Dated: 05 Dec 2017
Thank you for letting me try these 2 tasty snacks! I got the sesame pretzels and they are so yum! I love the added sesame flavour, gives it an extra layer of flavour. We had these at a family bbq with dips and hummus and just on their own, they went down very well. I also got the hot and spicy rice sticks; I absolutely love these! They seemed like a snack that would stick to your teeth and roof of the mouth, but i was presently surprised! The flavour was great, not too hot and spicy which was great, after taste was really good, highly recommend both of these products, can’t wait to try the other flavours!

Review by: Tina Smith
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
I received the hot and spicy rice snacks. They were pleasantly flavoured, and not greasy at all. Great crunch and the pack size was good. I also received the sesame pretzel crisps. These were a little bit salty but stil tasty. I enjoyed them with a glass of wine and it was a great combination, both great alternatives to potato chips , would definitley recommend.

Review by: Angelstar
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
I received Pretz crisps, garlic Parmesan flavour. I ate some plain but found a little salty. I then put tomato & Brie on them, which was nice. I also trialed Rice Sticks hot & spicy. I wouldn’t buy them as they are rather flavorless. Also be nice to trial NZ made products.

Review by: Kasia Irvine
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
Was so excited to receive these products to trial. Loved the sesame pretzel crisps, and found them perfect for using with dip for a more filling snack. loved the fact they were flat – easier to dip, had the perfect amount of salt – not too over bearing. Would I buy again? – More than likely yes. The rice snacks (hot and spicy) however are a different story, they looked nice but the taste was just not there.. In fact I had to spit mine out – the taste wasn’t great. Even my husband who normally eats anything was less than impressed, maybe the other flavours are better? Based on the flavour of this one though I doubt I would buy them. So from me it’s a thumbs up for the pretzel crisps, and a sorry no thanks for the rice snacks.

Review by: Keryn Young
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
We were pretty excited when these arrived after school on Tuesday. We got to try the Original Pretzel Crisps & Turmeric Rice Sticks. And I’m sad to say it looks like we lucked out with the flavours we received ( the Buffalo Wing sounds amazing) Everyone like the Pretzel crisps but everyone likes pretzels which they where just squashed pretzels. So I might have to look out for one of the other flavours next time I’m shopping. The Rice sticks had a good texture and crunch but we all thought the Turmeric flavour was weird, 2 kids and 2 adults and no one really liked the flavour, again I would probably buy these but not in this flavour, the Garlic or hot and spicy sound a bit more appealing. Thanks again for letting us try these snacks, I am always looking for healthy snacks for our family to enjoy

Review by: Rebeckah Ackroyd
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
These arrived 4 days after Alice entered the world on the 17th Nov. Talk about perfect timing!!! Courier arrived just as I was sitting down to give her a feed (learning the art of breastfeeding). Husband opened them up for me and lets just say the Bagel crisps did not last the day No I did not scoff all of them myself although a large chunk was me, he helped as well as our afternoon visitor (nana). Al of us loved these!! If we hadn’t devoured them so quickly I would have loved to have them with some nice dip like on the front of the packaging. I only sampled the Original flavour but would definitely be looking at purchasing some of the others. They were nice and light and very easy to snack on with my limited free hand .
The Rice sticks I enjoyed also but just found them a little too spicy for my taste (had the Hot and Spicy flavour). I think these would be better suited for a BBQ snack over summer when you can have them with a nice cold beverage (beer would be good). Husband trialed this for me and said that it was a perfect pairing. So good that I went to get the packet to take a photo this morning and apparently they have been long gone from the cupboard (must have been good).

I think what I like with these snacks is that they are a lighter option and are something that I can indulge in without feeling guilty like with a bag of chips as it will give me much more nourishment to help grow the little wonder that is finally asleep in her bassinet (for now……).

Review by: Caroline Faulkner
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
We received the hot and spicy rice sticks and the parmesan and garlic pretzel chips. The pretzel chips were a hot with everyone super flavoursome, nice and crunchy and a great alternative to regular chips or pretzels. I’ll definitely be trying the other flavours when I see them in shops. The rice sticks were not as popular. When I first tried them I thought they were quite nice and a great texture but I’m not a spicy fan and the after taste has quite a kick to it. I’d be interested to try another flavour but won’t get this flavour again. Hopefully the cocoa ones will be a hot as they sound delicious.

Review by: Hollie Laird
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
Our samples arrived today, just in time for hubby’s arrival home for lunch I received a full size pack of the sesame flavoured Pretzel Crisps and hot & spicy Rice Sticks. My husband and I tried the pretzels first and we were surprised that they were so thin and hard! Nevertheless we gave them a try and they were delicious! I particularly enjoyed the flavour as they were not as subtle as I thought they would be. I also thought they were quite a nice light snack option and perfect for a range of occasions from BBQs to work lunches. I then tried the hot & spicy rice sticks. I am not a fan of anything spicy but I managed to have a few before the bite kicked in. I enjoyed the flavour and the crunchy texture but the remainder of the pack I imagine will be enjoyed by my husband The best thing about both products is the pack sizes and the fact that you can reseal them. Perfect for taking out on a picnic or for enjoying at home (better than devouring them in one sitting and feeling guilty about it!).

Review by: Kelly O'Brien
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
We received these yesterday. I shared the pretzels as an afternoon snack with my husband – the kids sneaked a few tastes too. The pretzels are in handy packaging that would last well, and resealable. The sesame flavour is quite nice, though I found them a bit too sweet for my liking, but still yummy enough to keep goingback for more! I’m not sure I would buy a cracker with so much added sugar / corn syrup. The kids loved them though and asked for more. The rice crisps we got were hot and spicy – these have a unique packaging that I really liked the look of, and quite different texture and shape to other rice snacks – they don’t taste very spicy upon first bite but the aftertaste gives quite a hit – I really enjoyed them. I would buy these again as a BBQ snack or part of a platter. Great invention.

Review by: Belinda Whitehead
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I received the ‘Snack Factory’ Pretzel Crisps – Garlic Parmesan today and we opened them up before dinner as a snack with 6 of us trying these.

We found the Pretzels crunchy, tasty and full of flavour. I put out an original hummus which was delicious rather than eating these on their own. I also put out a onion dip, but it didn’t taste as good as the hummus. There is very little sugar and no fat in these pretzels which makes a healthy snack on their own. Most of the family still prefers corn chips, but these would be a close second.

The packet looks modern, upmarket and is a great photo of the pretzels on the front. Easy to open packet with a easy zip lock top to keep in the freshness.

The ‘me real’ Rice Sticks – Hot & Spicy had a reasonable flavour which the boys’ found the taste just right, but some sticks were hotter than the others. There was quite a hot after-taste with some of the spicy sticks. We found them to be very crunchy, fresh, but had no substance to the rice sticks.

I tried these with original hummus which was OK, and tried the onion dip which took away the hot after-taste, but we all preferred these on their own. There is little fat in these and mainly brown rice so quite a healthy snack and were hot air baked which seems to be all the rage.

The packet is see through so you can see the sticks, but looking at the photo on the front of the packet it looks like the sticks are bigger than they really are. The zip lock bag is terrific as they keep them fresh if not eaten all at once.

I would recommend the Pretzel Crisps – Garlic Parmesan to my friends and family, but the Rice Sticks Hot & Spicy I wouldn’t buy or recommend to others as we found them to have no substance. The Pretzel’s are great for picnics, snacks and party food which I would buy again.

Review by: JenJen
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I received the Garlic Parmesan pretzel crisps and the hot and spicy rice sticks

i really enjoyed the pretzel crisps, they had a great garlic/parmesan flavour that you could taste straight away after biting them there was the traditional pretzel flavour coming through i snacked on these while in the car waiting for school pickup, they are in a great easy to reseal package, i would buy these to snack on like i do crackers

the hot and spicy rice sticks i did not enjoy, i felt they did not have any flavour just a small amount of heat the package was easy to use, i would not buy these due to the lack of flavour