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Review by: Sheree Collins
Dated: 25 Jan 2018
Firstly I would like to also apologize for the EXTREMELY late reply about the pretzel crisps and rice sticks. I was very lucky to be selected for this trial and was looking forward to tasting these however my review has been delayed due to the fact that I was temporarily locked out of my account and unable to add my review so I guess my first comment should be to the wonderful staff at Herworld/Kidspot for working through all my issues and allowing me to gain entry into my account again.

Now... On to the reviews...

I was sent the Turmeric Rice Sticks and the Garlic and Parmesan Pretzel Crisps.

Firstly the rice sticks, I was intrigued about both of these as although I had had a couple of the turmeric lattes following one of the latest crazes I would not say that it is a flavour combination that I would call a go to however, I tried it somewhat apprehensively and found that they were quite enjoyable. I did not find the turmeric flavoring to be so over-powering that you could not tell that you were having a rice stick, I liked the packaging and also liked the way they re-sealed. I took them as a snack for work a couple of times and found them to be very enjoyable. I then served the last of them as a snack pre-dinner for my family, this came with mixed reviews and my dad did not like them at all stating they tasted like sawdust chips. So perhaps not a flavour for everyone. I did like the way they were still fresh in the package a few days after initially opening them.

Now to the Pretzel Crisps - I liked the idea of these and the flavor Garlic and Parmesan was delicious however I was somewhat confused on the concept - I mean to me pretzels are rounded and fuller in shape and these (probably to get the crisp) were squashed flat so I was still unsure how to have these as it didn't feel quite right to have them like a pretzel/chip which I tried first of all. Next I tried them with a hummus dip which tasted great so I probably would think of them more as a weird shaped cracker.

So to sum up - I really enjoyed the Rice Sticks a lot and could take or leave the pretzel crisps. I would be interested in trying some more of the flavours. Thanks again Her World!

Review by: Donna Fryer
Dated: 04 Jan 2018
I was lucky enough to be able to try Pretzels Crisps , original flavour and Turmeric flavoured Rice sticks. I don’t really eat pretzels but these were great , flat like a cracker we had them with dip and cheese and handy size for the lunch box. I didn’t think the rice sticks would taste very nice, but man these were fantastic just on their own for snacks. I’m definitely going to be buying these great alternative to chip’s.

Review by: Mary McCorkell
Dated: 01 Jan 2018
We received the Pretzel Crisps – Original and the Rice Sticks – Tumeric.

Personally I wasn’t overly keen on the Pretzel Crisps – maybe because they were plain. But the Grandkids absolutely loved them!

They ate the whole packet (with a little help from Dad), with various dips we already had in the fridge.
They are nice and thin and easy to dip. Despite being thin, they don’t break easily so proved to be perfect for dipping.
I would not buy them for myself but I will be buying them for when the Grandkids are here.

The Tumeric Rice Sticks – well! I can’t even find the words too describe how good they were!
The taste was just right – and so was the calorie count. The texture was great.

The size of the pack was also just right, especially if going to the beach, or for a long drive in the car.
I may try the other flavours, but this flavour was so amazing I think I’ll stick to it.
These will definitely be added to my weekly shop!

Review by: Teresa Bury
Dated: 29 Dec 2017
We received the original pretzel crisps and the tumeric flavoured rice sticks. Both were a hit in our household. We put the pretzel crisps out on xmas day as a starter and everyone loved the flavour and texture. I liked the fact they are thinner than normal. The rice sticks were eaten as an everyday snack when we felt like them and we all enjoyed these too. The tumeric flavour was just right and it was nice to have something different to snack on. We all enjoyed the fact they are healthier than normal too. You can have a snack and not feel so guilty!!

Review by: Mary Edgecombe
Dated: 27 Dec 2017
We received the Pretzel Crisps Original and the Rice Sticks Tumeric..
The Pretzels were amazing – delicious without being too salty and super thin and crispy. I loved how the shape of them meant you could use them as cracker and load toppings onto them. We used some at our very 1st bbq of the season as a starter and the rest of the pack disappeared into the kids bedroom as a midnight snack. Great to see them enjoying a healthy snack and choosing these over the regular potato chips that were in the cupboard. We have since bought several packets in several different flavours and all have been a great hit in our house.
The Tumeric Rice sticks were an acquired taste. They weren’t really a bit hit in my household. Just a very strange flavour but they were greatly .improved by adding a dollop of sour cream, I’m thinking it was just the flavour we didn’t like as the texture and shape and idea are fabulous and when I find these at the supermarket I will give another flavour a try just to give a fair review.

Review by: crank
Dated: 22 Dec 2017
I received the turmeric rice sticks and the garlic parmesan pretzel crisps. The rice sticks have a great, easy to eat texture which I found easy to nibble on – the turmeric flavour is just right without being overpowering. The pretzel crisps were not at all what I expected. They are so much lighter and crispier than pretzels which makes them a great snack. My husband and I devoured the packet during a midnight snack! Both of them would go great with a dip or hummus, especially the pretzel crisps.

Review by: Helga Young
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Was very excited to receive the Original Pretzel Crisps and Tumeric Rice Sticks to trial. The Pretzel Crisps caught my eye straight away .. fabulous packaging and very colourful, the crisps are delicious .. we are addicted and have purchased more since sampling .. our fave is the Garlic Parmesan.. the best thing is the crunch factor .. it’s very easy to eat a whole packet while watching tv.. very satisfying indeed. The Tumeric rice sticks were also very tasty .. my kids enjoy them in their school lunch box.. something a bit different from the usual chips and you get a sense of feeling that they are eating healthy too .. both samples were very well received in this household thank you

Review by: Naomi
Dated: 21 Dec 2017
Thank you so much for selecting me to trial these!

First up we trialled the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps. Unfortunately the flavour was not a winner for our family. The crackers themselves were excellent, I love the thinness and change in texture compared to a “normal” snacking pretzel.

Next we tried out the Turmeric Rice Sticks and once again they weren’t quite the right flavour for us… Turns out we’re a very plain family! My kids really enjoyed the texture though.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial these! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the plain flavours

Review by: Sydney Garner
Dated: 20 Dec 2017
Delicious! That was my first reaction upon tearing open my packs of Garlic Pretzels and Turmeric Rice Sticks and digging in. I adored the garlic flavour, and found the turmeric very pleasant too. I loved that i was inclined to only eat a few at a time rather than go crazy like i do with chips. The two bags lasted me 3 days, a record in this house.

Review by: Liz McKay
Dated: 18 Dec 2017
Wev tried the Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Chips and they were delicious and a big hot with my two teenagers. We also imagined them dipped in Chocolate yum. They were better than the usual pretzels that we have had as they are much thinner and just easier to munch on. These would make a great snack for any lunchbox. My only concern would be the amount of salt but that is what makes them so tasty. Loved the flavour and very moorish. Would prefer these over chips any day as did the teenagers.
We also tried the Rice Sticks Tumeric Flavour. On first look my teenagers were a bit apprehensive about thembut after trialling them my daughter loved the taste and how healthy they were in terms of fat and not so high in sodium. these are made from brown rice and are tasty as long as you like tumeric which we do. In fact tumeric is very good for you especially when paired with black pepper so maybe they could add plack pepper to the mix.
Both these snacks make a welcome addition to snack food world in terms of being healthier optionsn in comparison to other options around particularly over Christmas. My only concern is the Desiccant absorber package in the Rice Stick Tumeric package that could be dangerous to little children if you were to give the packet to them. Make sure you remove this as it is dangerous for children.

Review by: Jasmine Gray
Dated: 15 Dec 2017
I was sent the ‘original’ pretzel crisps and the ‘tumeric’ rice sticks. It was a lovely surprize finding these in my letterbox

The products were shared between myself and my 2 sons – 9 and 6 years of age.

I found the texture and lightness of the rice sticks great, but struggled a bit with the tumeric flavour (which I have never been fond of). However, my sons devoured them and asked for more when the bag was finished! With all these positives, I will definately be seeking other flavours in the supermarkets and am really hoping to find the garlic ones soon!

In regards to the pretzel crisps! Yum! I have never been a big pretzel fan, despite buying them regularly for my eldest son. However the flavour and crispiness of these were a real treat! They also went really well dipped in humis and will definately be a regular on our grocery list!

Review by: Gabriella Monaghan
Dated: 14 Dec 2017
I was lucky enough to try the Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps & Tumeric Rice Sticks. To be honest I am not a huge pretzel fan as I think they are a boring kind of snack but these Garlic and Parmesan flavoured pretzels were quite nice. They were thinner and crispier than normal pretzels and the flavouring made them quite delicious. They are not something that I could eat a lot of in one go but they have been great for snacking on. I tried them with salsa as well as a creamy capsicum dip and they both went nicely with the pretzel crisps. I also served them at a small gathering and they have been a hit with everyone who has tried them so far.

The turmeric rice sticks were a bit different and I personally wasn’t a fan of that particular flavour. They reminded me a bit like cheezles or twisties but without the cheesy flavour. My children like them though (4 & 10months) so I have been giving them a hand full to snack on at times as I know that turmeric is good for them. I would definitely try some of the other flavours if I saw them in store.

Review by: Sarah Blair
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I was so pleased to receive these products to try, I tried the Turmeric Rice Sticks and the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps.

The Turmeric Rice Sticks were tasty, and a little sweet, I enjoyed them, but they weren’t a flavour that I would pick as my favourite, I would like to try the other flavours! The texture was good and my 3 year old son loved them!! The packaging is easy to open and attractive. I loved the fact that I could snack on them without feeling guilty afterwards!

The Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps were really yummy! I enjoyed these a lot and will be looking out for them in store to purchase! They had a great flavour that I found to be very moreish and hard to put down! I would be very keen to try the other flavours as well. The texture was great with that satisfying crispness, I would wholeheartedly recommend these to other!

Review by: Jodi Williams
Dated: 11 Dec 2017
I received the original pretzel crisps and the turmeric rice sticks.
I loved the pretzel crisps and would love to try the other flavours especially the garlic Parmesan!
The rice sticks were nicer than i thought they would be probably wouldnt buy that particular flavour again but would like to try the garlic ones.
Both were a hit with the family and super easy for lunchboxes.
Would definately purchase these in the future – have not yet seen them in the supermarket.

Review by: Talia Meredih
Dated: 10 Dec 2017
In short – these are perfect as a go to, when you have no time to prepare something. You don’t need to worry about special dips and toppings to compliment them if you can’t or don’t want to.
We were given Turmeric Rice Sticks and Original flavoured Pretzel Crisps. I intended to use them with a platter of sides but in fact I didn’t get a chance to as my husband opened them with the kids and they all devoured them together. So I guess thats a good thing and shows they are a quick and easy snack and great option to take along to picnics, gatherings, get together’s. Thanks for the opportunity to trial, a big hit for us thanks.

Review by: savta (Jo)
Dated: 09 Dec 2017
Turmeric sounded like a strange flavour to add to a snack product. It is a mild flavour that I usually think of as being an ingredient in a spice mix, there to add colour and a bit of depth rather than a strong presence. So I bit into the first one with no expectations - I thought they would be bland and quite dull. My friends had exactly the same thoughts; in fact, one of them said she did not fancy the idea and might just pass!
Well, there is always a first time. These rice sticks were not just palatable. They were seriously delicious, and if I had not already arranged to share them, I could have easily finished the entire packet on my own. A totally new taste sensation which I - and my two friends, not just the reluctant taster - will actively seek out because I think all three of us just might become addicted to them if we are not careful. They are full of flavour, subtle, slightly sweet and slightly spicy, crisp but without the greasy aftertaste that you usually get with snacks of this type.
Having sampled several pieces on their own, we put the rest into a bowl and added two chunky dips, one a lightly curried egg and parsley mix, the other a mild guacamole with a few white beans added. The intention was to dip the rice crisps into them and use them as an hors d'oeuvre. The taste combinations were perfect, but as the crisps are quite thick, I will reduce the dips to a smoother mixture next time so that they stick better. Having tried them like this, I would also like to serve them with the traditional kiwi onion and reduced cream dip on another occasion as I think this combination would be even better. That is, if the crisps actually make it to the plate and don't all get eaten on the way!
All three of us tried to find something negative to add about this product, but we could not think of anything. The main ingredient is brown rice which also means that there is more fibre than you would normally expect in a snack food like this, and that contributes to the richness of the flavour. They are low fat, low sugar, made from quality ingredients, free of gratuitous additives, and reasonably priced. What more could you ask from a snack food?

Review by: Cecilia Siaosi
Dated: 04 Dec 2017
We received the Garlic Parmesan Pretzels and Tumeric flavoured rice sticks.

The garlic pretzels were full of flavour. So good that they were demolished within 10 minutes! The fact that they were thin made it a lot easier to chew than the normal pretzels and the packaging/size was good. Not too small or too big :). The tumeric rice sticks is definitely something I’ll buy for my child as a snack! Healthy and low in sugar. Great products that I’ll definitely recommend!

Review by: mel chang
Dated: 03 Dec 2017
We have received the Turmeric Rice Sticks and Original Pretzels

AS soon as the Turemic sticks were open, they were gone within 5min. All my girlfriends asked me where I got them from and we all looked up the different flavours they have. Will definitely buy them again. Love them!! We ate the rice sticks by themselves and will try to have them with dips next time

Will post review soon again re Pretzels

Review by: Tanya Sadlier
Dated: 03 Dec 2017
We were thrilled to receive the Garlic and Parmesan Pretzels along with the Turmeric Rice Sticks to review.

I found the pretzels were too salty on their own but with toppings like sliced tomato or cucumber, they were great. A lot were crushed at the bottom of the packet.

The Turmeric Rice Sticks were delicious and I would definitely consider buying these at the supermarket. The Turmeric taste was perfect and these would be ideal to serve with dips or on their own.

Review by: palindrome
Dated: 01 Dec 2017
Review 2 – this time of the Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps. Love the fresh green packing and again, the self standing bag and the reseal function. These crisps are also big enough at 204g to bring to a party. One slightly strange factor was that the nutritional info was stuck on over what was originally on the packaging.

REALLY loved the flavour – unlike the Turmeric rice sticks, I think these were salty enough (you can actually see the large salt flakes on the crisps) and they pack a punch. If you are a fan of salty, garlicky, Parmesan cheesy goodness, these are the perfect crisps. I ate these with my family and we all thought these were worth adding to our grocery list. Whilst they would probably taste nice with a dip, I don’t really think one is necessary? Though if you want to branch out, there are some creative suggestions on the packet (eg peach and gouda sandwich; pesto a presto chicken etc).

As to looks, many of the crisps were broken inside the bag, but that obviously did not affect the taste. Also, the ones that weren’t broken did resemble the picture on the packet and were quite attractive. Will definitely look out for these at the supermarket

Review by: Ashley New
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
I received the turmeric rice sticks and the buffalo wing pretzel crisps. The pretzel crisps are so good, they have the right amount of kick after a while they start to taste a little bit salty. They are very easy to eat on the go with a baby and I would happily buy this product again and to try the other flavours. The rice sticks however I wasn’t much of a fan of. They tasted a bit dry and needed a hummus to go with it which made them taste a bit better, the flavouring of the rice sticks was quite nice. Overall I like how the products are lower in sugar and fat which is a bonus. Thankyou for letting me trial

Review by: Keryn Young
Dated: 30 Nov 2017
We were pretty excited when these arrived after school on Tuesday. We got to try the Original Pretzel Crisps & Turmeric Rice Sticks. And I’m sad to say it looks like we lucked out with the flavours we received ( the Buffalo Wing sounds amazing) Everyone like the Pretzel crisps but everyone likes pretzels which they where just squashed pretzels. So I might have to look out for one of the other flavours next time I’m shopping. The Rice sticks had a good texture and crunch but we all thought the Turmeric flavour was weird, 2 kids and 2 adults and no one really liked the flavour, again I would probably buy these but not in this flavour, the Garlic or hot and spicy sound a bit more appealing. Thanks again for letting us try these snacks, I am always looking for healthy snacks for our family to enjoy

Review by: palindrome
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
I received the review products today – the garlic Parmesan pretzel crisps and the Turmeric rice sticks. So this is the first of two reviews I tried the Turmeric rice sticks first. I like the tidy, ‘crisp’ packaging, and the fact that the packet is self-standing. Can confirm that the resealing bag works well and like the clarity of the nutritional info and per serving calculations. I would observe that the size of the product (50g) means it is more of a snack for one. You couldn’t bring it to a BBQ at a mate’s place as it is a bit too small for that. However, the size means it works well as nibbles if you’re hosting others.

As to the taste – very moreish! I would prefer a little bit more salt, but then again maybe the lower salt content is a good thing since these are so good to snack on. Also, very different from the typical everyday flavours out there. The fact that they are “hot air baked” does not affect the taste, which is a plus – great taste without being oily and fried. The golden colour is also attractive (not anemic looking at all)!

In short these are a real treat

Review by: Renee Potter
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
I had a couple girlfriends over for dinner and a catch up last night and these arrived at the perfect time! I received the Original Pretzel Crisps and the Tumeric Rice Sticks and they went down a treat.

The girls and I devoured the Rice Sticks and I love that the taste wasn’t overpowering – it was just enough. I was surprised at how light these were as a snack and will definitely be picking some more up to pop in the cupboard and to take to work to help curb my afternoon snacking habit.

The pretzel crisps were my absolute fave and they’ve already made my shopping list – and a few of the girls too! These weren’t too salty and were absolutely delish with some hummus and avocado/garlic dip. I will definitely be picking a couple of bags up over the summer as we have quite a few BBQs planned as well as a road-trip up north so I think these will be the perfect thing to munch on.

I just looked at buying some more Pretzel Crisps off the Taste HQ website and they are a great price, but I’d love to be able to buy a box of a few different flavours for the 6 packs for $30 if that is something they look at offering.

All in all, would highly recommend to everyone!

Review by: Anneliese Montgomerie
Dated: 29 Nov 2017
We got a lovely surprise of the turmeric rice snacks and the original pretzels, and omg so so yummy. The thin crunchy pretzels are the best, and with a bit of cream cheese and pesto dip are so good. Will definately be getting some more for Christmas as this were demolished in 2 minutes. The rice sticks are great as they are so light and crunchy with an awesome taste.

Review by: Katy Eastlake
Dated: 28 Nov 2017
I was lucky enough to review the Pretzel Crisps in the flavour ‘Original’ and the Rice Sticks in the flavour ‘Turmeric’.
The courier arrived with these just as I was sitting down for nibbles with my mum, aunty and children – perfect timing really! I opened the box and we all got stuck in tasting them.
My one year old daughter couldn’t get enough of the Turmeric flavoured Rice Sticks so it is reassuring to know that they are Air Baked and low in sugar. With turmeric having medicinal properties too is a bonus. I will definitely be on the look out for these in my local supermarket, they will be a great alternative to chips in my children’s lunch boxes.
The pretzels were yummy too – they tasted just like standard pretzels with the same texture but were flatter – we didn’t get a chance to put toppings on them because we are them too quickly lol.

Thank you for the opportunity to try both of these products – both were winners in our house.