Organic Cardamom Green Whole 3kg


Intensely aromatic fragrance, healthy, used in curries & masala chai. Green Cardamom Whole is highly valued, versatile and its pleasing flavor makes it a must in today’s gourmet pantry.

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Green cardamom is popularly known as queen of spices. This spice has been known from ancient times and its sweet aroma has been praised in Indian literature by Kalidas. It is used as a powerful stimulant, carminative, stomachic and diuretic. A mixture of powdered cardamom seed with ground ginger, clove and caraway is helpful in combating digestive ailments. Our organic Green Cardamom has a complex flavor that can be described as slightly sweet, floral and spicy with citric elements used for flavoring in food and drink. It features in curries; it is essential in pilafs (Rice dishes) and gives character to pulse dishes. It leans tongue with warm antiseptic sensation and additional peppery taste. It’s unique, slightly sandy flavors allows it to be combined with both sweet and savory dishes.

This product is untouched by chemicals, fertilizers, toxic pesticides, or synthetic hormones and is certi?ed organic as per international standards for organic production, processing and packaging.

Ingredients: Organic Cardamom green
Allergy Advice: This product was processed in a facility that also processes Wheat, Peanut, Soybean and Sesame Seeds.

Additional information

Weight 3000 g

Nutrition Information

Serving Per Package : 1500
Servings Size : 2g
Average quantity per serving Average quantity per 100g
Energy 65.10kJ 1302 kJ
Protein 0.54 g 10.80 g
Fat, Total 0.34 g 6.70 g
-saturated 0.4 g 0.70 g
-Trans 0 g 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 mg
Carbohydrate 3.43 g 68.50 g
Sugar 0 g 0
Sodium 90 mg 18 mg
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 35%
Calcium 38%
Iron 78%

Quality & Certifications

Organic Certification: OneCert Asia Agri Certification (P) Ltd.
As per NOP (USDA), NPOP (Govt. of India) and EU Standards for Organic Production.

Lacon Quality Certification (P) Ltd.